HP Envy Connected To WiFi But No Internet: 5 Fixes

hp envy connected to wifi but no internet
hp envy connected to wifi but no internet

Laptops have become an essential part of our lives, and people often choose HP for the quality and performance. Similarly, HP recently launched the Envy series with advanced features. On the contrary, HP Envy users are complaining about HP Envy connected to Wi-Fi but no internet issues.

For this purpose, we are sharing the troubleshooting methods with you!

HP Envy Connected To WiFi But No Internet

1) Automatic Troubleshooting

When it comes down to HP laptops, you can opt for the automatic troubleshooting tool. These tools are designed to optimize the connection and automatically fix the issues that are causing internet connectivity issues.

In case you are using Windows 7, you can opt for an HP support assistant because it comes with a special code for the HP system. However, if the support assistant is not available, automatic troubleshooting will fix the issues.

2) Reinstall The Wireless Network Adapter Driver

For optimizing the wireless internet connection with HP Envy laptops, you can also try deleting the current wireless network adapter driver and reinstall it. This solution will help clear up the registry value, and the configurations will be reset. As a result, the wireless network adapter driver will be set up properly, and the “no internet” issue will be fixed. Ideally, you should opt for HP Recover Manager for reinstalling the wireless network adapter driver.

3) Update The Network Drivers

Generally, deleting and reinstalling the wireless network adapter driver should fix the wireless connectivity errors. However, driver reinstallation will only fix the dropping connections or performance issues. In case the wireless connection issues are still there, you have to update the network drivers.

The wireless network drivers are regularly updated by the manufacturers for streamlining the wireless performance. That being said, you can use HP Support Assistant for getting the automatic network driver updates.

4) Reset The Hardware

In case the network adapter changes don’t fix the internet connections, you need to reset the hardware on the wireless network. For this purpose, we have outlined the instructions in the section below, such as;

  • First of all, press the start button on the HP Envy laptop and tap on the shutdown button
  • Then, unplug the power connection of your wireless modem or router
  • Wait for around five seconds and connect the power cable to the wireless router
  • Now, you need to wait for some time to get all the lights switched on, on the router
  • When the lights on router and modem switch on, switch on your HP Envy laptop
  • Then, connect your laptop to the router (you can press the connect button from network connection tab)
  • If the internet starts working, good for you! However, if Wi-Fi is still not working, move to the next step!

5) Microsoft System Restore

In case you are using the Windows operating system with HP Envy, you have to opt for the Microsoft System Restore option. Microsoft System Restore will restore the system files. We suggest that you restore the files to a few dates or days before (when the internet connection was working fine). We are certain these troubleshooting methods will fix the wireless connection.

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  1. With my issue found that I had to update BIOS before it discovered the WiFi network card in Windows. Did this by first connecting computer with cable to my router using adapter for internet access. Then went to HP site and searched up machine. Downloaded the latest BIOS update and installed it. When finished the WiFi came up. This was with HP x360 1030 G4 machine.

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