How To Remove Apple Watch From Verizon Plan? (In 5 Easy Steps)

how to remove apple watch from verizon plan
how to remove apple watch from verizon plan

Smartwatches are probably one of the top inventions in technology in the last few years. Whether for the enhanced connectivity features or simply for the practicality of managing messaging apps, calls, agendas, alarms, and much more without even having to recur to your mobile.

It is undeniable that this gadget brought a new way to keep track of your mobile functions. Due to its enormous success and growing affordability, mobile carriers began offering special plans for the use of smartwatches. Verizon, one of the top telecommunications companies in the U.S. is one of them.

So, alongside the outstanding quality standard of its mobile plans, users also became able to use their smartwatches to control a series of apps under the renowned service of Verizon. There were, and for that matter, there still are, users that are not so happy about this combination.

How to Remove Apple Watch From Verizon Plan?

As it goes, Verizon sits comfortably among the top three mobile carriers in the U.S. nowadays. That gives the company a distinct advantage when releasing new products or services. That is exactly what happened when Verizon launched its smartwatch plans.

Reaching such a colossal amount of customers throughout the whole national territory, Verizon’s mobile plans now allowed subscribers a higher liberty to use the gadget. According to Verizon’s representatives, the so-called smartwatch plan is no more than an add-on to the mobile packages users already had.

As simple as that, Verizon’s representatives were also quick on responding to the queries made by the users who felt like they were being ripped off by the smartwatch add-on.

the smartwatch

They informed me that, just like any add-on, the smartwatch one can be managed through the My Verizon app, available for both Android and iOS operational systems. So, if you are not aware of the procedure, this is how you get the smartwatch add-on removed from your Verizon mobile plan:

  1. First of all, open the Apple Watch smartphone app on your iPhone.
  2. Once the app runs, enter the login credentials if prompted to do so, or simply wait for it to load the main screen.
  3. There, locate and click on “My Watch” to open the window with the information and features of your Apple Watch.
  4. Then, click on the ‘cellular’ option and then on the information button that will appear on the next screen. The information button should be on the top, right next to ‘cellular plan’.
  5. Finally, click on “Remove Plan” and your Apple Watch should take care of the rest and disconnect from your Verizon mobile data plan.

verizon customer support

This is how you get your Apple Watch disconnected from your Verizon mobile data plan through the My Verizon app. There are, however, other ways and one of them may be just as easy as the procedure described above.

If you prefer not to disconnect your Apple Watch from your Verizon mobile data plan through the app, you can also give Verizon’s customer support department a call and have them perform the disconnection on your behalf.

Just dial 1-800-922-0204 at any time of the day and get a highly trained professional to do it for you. As the simple procedure it is, the technician shouldn’t take more than a few minutes to get the gadget disconnected from your Verizon mobile data plan.

Bear in mind that, upon taking your call, there is a decent chance the technician will ask if you want to be walked through the procedure or if you want the procedure done by them.

If you opt for the walkthrough alternative, you may end up learning how to perform this simple procedure and even help others down the road. If you are not interested in learning how to handle the procedure, then simply as the technician to do it for you and send a confirmation your way.

And If I Get An Apple Watch Later On?

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There is absolutely nothing that stops you from connecting an Apple Watch to your Verizon mobile data plan at any time, apart from a possible lack of coverage or a momentary service outage. In case you end up deciding at a later moment that you want to link an Apple Watch to your Verizon mobile data plan, the procedure is extremely simple.

Once again, you have the option of doing it through the My Verizon app or through a call to the carrier’s customer support department. Apple Watches, being the technological wonder they are, have features that help the gadget automatically connect to the faster and most reliable network.

Since Verizon has one of the best cellular networks in the country, the odds your Apple Watch connects to one of them are fairly high. This is how easy it is to connect the gadget to the mobile data plan. If you prefer, you can also connect your Apple Watch to the nearest iPhone that has an active cellular network.

Concerning the connection technology, Apple Watches normally connect to the first available LTE network and, in case there are none, the device will attempt to connect to the closest UMTS network. If you are wondering if Verizon services also work through UMTS networks, the answer is yes, it does.

UMTS networks

So, once the Apple Watch is connected to whatever cellular network, all the features will be activated, which means you will get to keep track of the signal strength from the gadget’s control center.

As you look at the device’s screen, you will notice that the confirmation of the connection will be that the signal display will turn green and the dots will show the strength of the network signal. Some users have mentioned experiencing problems when the mobile data plans were not the same for their Apple Watches and their iPhones.

So, keep an eye out for any signs of compatibility problems and, if they indeed happen, make sure to get a Verizon mobile data plan for both devices. This way you will ensure that the compatibility is at its best and also that the performance levels reach their peak.

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