Xfinity WiFi Connected But No Internet (5 Fixes)

xfinity wifi connected no internet
xfinity wifi connected no internet

The majority of the users prefer Wi-Fi over any other connection type. Why? Because it makes the connection much simpler yet stronger. However, people get really frustrated at times when they lose the connection all of a sudden while working. Speaking of Xfinity, it is powered by Comcast which provides wireless internet services at millions of hotspots. The Xfinity users can enjoy the most efficient and fastest hotspots with the widespread Internet over the “Go” coverage. Unfortunately, the users of Xfinity has been experiencing sudden ghosting of Internet connection even when their Wi-Fi says it’s connected. The issue doesn’t end within minutes. It lasts for over hours and sometimes a whole day. In this article, we have provided all the possible troubleshooting solutions for you to get on with your fast Xfinity internet again.

Connected, No Internet:

Before you move forward to the troubleshooting solutions; you must know the actual meaning of this status that says “Connected, No Internet”. So, this status refers to the fact that the connection between several network devices inside your home is established. However, the problem is being the outside servers and their incompetent connections. Data packets are being perfectly transferred from one device to another within the inside network where the internet connection is established except for the outside servers.

We can say that the outside servers are having trouble with acquiring the complete and stable connection between servers. Many factors cause this issue. Some of those include.

  1. Firewall by your Internet Service Provider is not working enough stably to provide a good internet connection.
  2. There is a Firewall issue with one of the devices of the outside server network which is why you mostly hear that “the server is down” as an excuse to calm you down regarding the outage of your internet connection.
  3. The persistent blockage of the Domain system that is primarily translating hostnames to their respective IP addresses.
  4. The entry of invalid APNs.
  5. Incompatible and invalid DNS system.

Xfinity Wi-Fi runs great but at times, it suffers from outside misconnection which leads to sudden unavailability of the Internet connection.

How To Troubleshoot And Solve Xfinity WiFi Connected But No Internet?

If your Xfinity Internet is persistently showing outage of the internet even after displaying Connected status of Wi-Fi; the problem may not lie with your router’s connection but the outside connection to your router. Perform the following quick steps to get rid of the issue:

  1. Check If Other Devices Are Connected Or Not:

Before you go on with the other troubleshooting steps, make sure that your device isn’t the only one to not get the sufficient internet. Try to check the Internet running on the PC, if it is working fine then there is a configuration issue with your device. Fix it. however, if the internet is being problematic on all the devices then proceed with the steps.

  1. Reboot Your PC:

This is the most basic and quickest troubleshooting step. Sometimes there are glitches with your device which is why it keeps failing to get directly connected to the internet. Restart your PC and let it reboot for some time. If you are lucky enough, your problem would go away.

  1. Reset Your Xfinity Modem/Router:

Restarting your Xfinity Gateway can be done via several means. Here is how:

Via the Xfinity My Account App:

  • Open up your Xfinity My Account App.
  • Scroll down and click on the “Internet” option.
  • Click on “Modem/Router.
  • Now, select the “Restart This Device”.

However, it is always ideal to troubleshoot with your equipment manually. Unplug your power cable. Reconnect it back after a few minutes. Besides, you can also disconnect your Ethernet cable for some time. Reconnect it back to the modem/router. This will likely solve the internet issue with no hassle. Make sure that all the equipment held tightly within the network.

  1. Check If Your IP Address Is Correct:

Make sure that you run network diagnosis and correct your IP address if it is invalid.

  1. Check Your Xfinity My Account:

Sometimes your internet service provers cut off your internet because your Xfinity My Account is outdated. Try to sign in to your account. If nothing works out, contact your Xfinity customer service ASAP to know the actual problem.

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