Why Is Xfinity Box Blinking White Light? 4 Fixes

why is my xfinity box blinking white light
why is my xfinity box blinking white light

Xfinity is an affordable, reliable, and trusted provider of Internet and Television. You can enjoy Xfinity programming in several different packages. For most of the users, signing up and installation of Xfinity services is a hassle-free process. Also, most of the users are highly satisfied with Xfinity services as well as the Xfinity box that they use to receive programming and the internet.

However, sometimes the users may run into an issue that can cause an interruption in services. One of the issues that have been reported by few Xfinity users is seeing a flashing white light on their device. This blinking white light on the Xfinity modem indicates a connectivity issue. If you experiencing this issue here is what you can try to resolve the issue.

Why Is My Xfinity Box Blinking White Light?

1. Turn off the Router and Restart

In case there is a blinking white light on the Xfinity router and you are unable to connect to the Internet, the first step you can take to resolve this issue is turning off the router and then turning it on after 30 seconds. Sometimes, simply restarting the router scraps the previous session and initiates a new session with the network. To restart the router and check if the light is stable now. In most cases simply turning off the router and restarting it resolves most of the connectivity issues faced by the users. You can also try this step if you ever face slow speed or regular distortion.

2. Check Connections and Wiring

Sometimes, there is an issue with the wiring to the box. So check all the connections and wires coming to your router. Make sure that they are properly connected to the router and are properly plugged in a socket. In case there is a damaged wire or a loose connection, it can cause connectivity issues as indicated by a blinking white light. If you find a damaged cable or a loose connection, replace it. After that, try reconnecting again. In case, the issue was due to a loose connection or a damaged wire, it will be resolved after you fix the connection or the wire.

3. Try Factory Resetting the Router

In some cases, the settings of routers get messed up causing connectivity issues and a simple factory reset can solve the issue. If this is the case, then you will have to factory reset your router. Factory resetting your router will scrap the previously stored settings including all the customized settings.

4. Contact Xfinity Customer Support

After trying all the steps mentioned above, if you are still seeing the blinking white light on your Xfinity router, you may not be getting Internet from the service provider. In that scenario, you should contact Xfinity’s customer services helpline. Tell them the issue with your Internet and the router. The Xfinity representative will help you resolve the issue by guiding you as to how you can do the correct settings for your router. If there is an issue at the service provider’s end, they will let you know about that and will make sure that it gets resolved.

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