4 Ways To Fix Xfinity Speed Test Not Working

xfinity speed test not working
xfinity speed test not working

Speed tests are essential to check the quality of your internet speed and check if the service provider is giving you the promised internet upload and download speed. As the internet speed matters a lot if you are a regular Netflix watcher, a streamer, or a gamer. The speed always matters. If your Xfinity speed test is not working and you are furious about it, don’t worry. We got you on this. Here we will advise you on some techniques to help you find your way out of this problem.

Xfinity Speed Test Not Working

1. Reset The Browser

For instance, if you are a Mozilla Firefox user and unable to access the speed test. Here is what you need to do. Go to the help settings of your Firefox and then click on the troubleshooting. There you will see an option that will state, reset Firefox. Click on that, and your Firefox will automatically shut down and reset. Please wait for a while. It will automatically reopen with a window, press the Finish button, and the Firefox will shift your factory setting. With this, the problem way ends too.

2. What If Resetting The Browser Does Not Help?

If this does not help you, here is another way to make it right. Try shifting to the safe mode given by the browser. It will disable all the additional proxies and interrupting websites. Now that you are secure try the speed test once again. If this time it works, there is probably some unwanted extension that is causing the problem. If you keep seeing the same issue, no problem, move to the next troubleshooting technique.

3. What Is The Problem Is The Extensions Are Not? 

The speed test uses the shockwave flash player for functioning. If the browser you’re using does not have the right list of plugins, you will see this issue, no matter what you do. Shockwave flash player is a technical requirement for the speed test to run, so install the Flash player. For your ease, here is a link where you will be able to find the latest shockwave flash player for your help: http://www.adobe.com/special/products/flashplayer/fp_distribution3.html. To check if the flash player you are currently using is corrupt or obsolete, here is a link on which you can test your Adobe Flash player: http://www.adobe.com/software/flash/about/.

4. If This Also Does Not Work? 

Suppose none of the troubleshooting methods work. Now, you make a complaint report and post it on the Xfinity customer support wing. It will force them to work on the speed test website and solve the issue for the rest of the users.

The enlisted methods of eliminating the speed test website problem have been well researched, and these methods have helped a wide range of users. The problem will be solved if you follow the mentioned techniques and will be able to test your internet speed again, as you could before. If not, it is always necessary to report the problem to the website to improve its services.

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