3 Ways To Fix Verizon Network Extender Phone Not Connecting

verizon network extender phone not connecting
verizon network extender phone not connecting

One of the American telecommunications giant, Verizon is matched only by AT&T in terms of subscriptions and coverage on U.S. soil. The company is proud of the quality and stability of its network, which reaches over four hundred and fifty million customers.

Amongst the company’s solutions for communications, home, and businesses internet packages are the flagship products for computers, laptops, tablets, and mobiles. One of such products is the Wi-Fi extender, which works as a satellite to the main router.

The Wi-Fi extender can be placed in another part of the building to enhance the coverage of your network, delivering signal to rooms that were just a little too distant from the router.

Although the company promises the device will allow users to get strong and reliable internet signals, even at a distance from the router, some users have been reporting that they can’t connect to the extender.

In forums and Q&A communities all over the internet, customers are seeking the reason why they are experiencing such problems as well as how to solve the issue. The main inquiries are related to issues when connecting mobile phones to the Wi-Fi extender, but there have also been reports of connectivity issues with other devices.

Luckily, there are three easy fixes that any user can perform, even the ones you’d have thought may require a lot of tech expertise! So, bear with us, because in this article we’re going to show you how to solve the connectivity issue between mobile phones and Verizon’s Wi-Fi network extender.

Verizon Network Extender Phone Not Connecting 

  1. Reset the Wi-Fi Extender Device

Reset the Wi-Fi Extender Device

As with so many other electronic devices, Verizon’s Wi-Fi network extender has a cache, which is essentially just a storage unit for temporary files. The role of the cache is to keep temporary files that help speed up the connection of the device to a given network.

Unfortunately, as with the caches of all electronic devices, it is not infinite in capacity. Also, once it gets too full of temporary files, the cache tends to work against the device.

This means that, instead of accelerating the connection by promptly delivering the temporary files, it slows down the process by taking too long to locate said files.

The good news is that the procedure to clear all the temporary files in the cache is fairly simple. All you have to do is perform a full reset of the Wi-Fi network extender.

There are a few ways to have the device reset, and the most common is to locate the reset button, which should be on the back of most models of the device and press it using a sharp object. Be careful if using sharp objects since they may tear the rubbery cover of the button.

Nevertheless, the most efficient way of performing a reset is to simply unplug the device from the power source. In order to do so, locate the power cord of the extender and disconnect it from the device, then wait for at least five minutes and connect the cord back again.

Besides clearing the cache, the full reset may also perform verifications and solve issues that are still not noticeable to users. So, grab that cord, perform a reset on the device, and it’ll restart with a fresher and faster performance. Give it a try and connect your mobile to see the issue is gone.

  1. De-Activate The Advanced Calling Feature

De-Activate The Advanced Calling Feature

Verizon’s Wi-Fi network extender comes with a feature that enhances the quality of the voice calls made over the carrier’s 4G internet networks.

This is to say when two users make a voice call using their mobile data, the feature makes the audio more natural and comprehensible, supressing eventual disruptions in the sound quality and delivering an excellent standard of audio.

That feature is usually disabled on Verizon’s Wi-Fi network extender before they leave the factory, but it may happen that yours has not been de-activated. This feature may also hinder mobiles from connecting to the extender, thus causing the issue reported by so many users on the internet.

While it involves a simple procedure, it may vary depending on the operational system of your mobile, so check below how to do it on Android, Windows, or iOS. Should your mobile run a different OS, contact the manufacturer to get information on how to disable the advanced calling feature.

  • For Android users, slide down from the top in your main screen and locate the settings on your notifications bar. Then find and click on wireless networks and calls, then locate the option that says advanced calling. From there you will find a slider and you will be able to click it to disable the feature.
  • For Windows Mobile users, locate and access the general settings, then find the option called ‘phone’ and on the next screen click on ‘SIM’. From there you should be able to disable the advanced calling function.
  • For iOS users, locate and enter the general settings of your iPhone and click on the mobile settings. Then locate and click on the option that says ‘Enable LTE’ and choose the ‘Data Only’ option to disable the advanced calling feature.

Once you find yourself away from the coverage range of your Verizon’s Wi-Fi network extender, feel free to re-activate the advanced calling feature on your mobile so you can enjoy the enhanced quality of sound in the voice calls you make over 4G connections.

  1. Check If The Mobile Is Within The Extender’s Range

Check If The Mobile Is Within The Extender’s Range

Last but not least, the third connectivity issue between mobile phones and Verizon’s Wi-Fi network extender may be related to distance. Sure, the device increases the range of the network, but that doesn’t mean you can be all that far from it.

The extender’s range covers an extra 15 feet, which should be enough to reach that part of the building where the signal is a bit compromised, but not more than that. Make sure your mobile is within the reach of the extender and you should be able to connect it without any problems.

If you notice your mobile is out of the extender’s range, move closer to the device and wait for around three to four minutes for the device to identify and register the mobile. After that, dial #48 to check if the mobile is actually within the range of the extender.

If it is, then the connection will be made easily, but if it is not within the range of the extender, then you may have to get a second extender in order to reach that part of the building.

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  1. My comment about Verizon LTE extender not staying connected to my iPhone had the wrong email address..
    I’ve spent 3 days on this. Insanely inept customer service

  2. New Samsung 5G phone and new Extender. At times it work and other times not, even though Extender shows I have connection to satellites and other connections good. Any thoughts?
    As I was typing the service connected after being out all morning! Go figure.

    • I am having the same problem. I have 2 Extenders and they both are connected. I plugged them in I was connected with dialing #48 on the phone. I unplugged one and put it in my car for work. Went inside unplugged the other for re routing the wires to put it up for good. Now I can’t connect to the extender with the phone I have plugged them both in and still nothing for 2 hours.. I hope Its fixes itself by morning.

  3. I have an older model Samsung Network extender. It is about 10 years old. My new 5G Samsung phone does not show any bars and only wifi calling. Am I correct to assume I need to upgrade to another extender?

  4. Seems to me that the LTE Network Extender issued from Verizon that connects to your Router and increases your cell signal…might only work with DSL/Broadband connections.
    I was just so called upgraded by Frontier to Fiber Optics and although my Network Extender acts as if it is working…full bars, little pulsing house, there is NO OUTGOING AUDIO on my cell phone. I can hear them…they cannot hear me. Yes…it’s been over a month now and Frontier says it is Verizon’s fault, and Verizon says it’s Frontier’s fault.
    Unbelievable…can’t take it…None of them know anything about any of it. It’s just awful.
    They can put people on the moon, but I can’t call them from my house!!! Unbelievable.

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