4 Ways To Fix Verizon Advanced Calling Not Working

verizon advanced calling not working
verizon advanced calling not working

Verizon advanced calling is one such value-added feature to the Verizon network that is not only gaining them the best number of new customers out there, but it also helps them retain their current subscribers. So, you are going to love having this advanced calling feature if you are using the Verizon network.

Basically, advanced calling is just another name for HD calling that is also known as VoLTE. The feature works flawlessly most of the time. However, if it is having some issues or not working for any reason, here is how you can have this fixed.

How To Fix Verizon Advanced Calling Not Working?

1. Restart Phone

The first thing that you should be trying if the system was working fine and if it is not working now, is to restart your phone once. Restarting the phone will not only restart the VoLTE only, but it will also be restarting all the networking components and that will be the best thing you can have. So, whenever you feel like you are having an issue with your advanced calling, you will need to restart your phone once and that will make it work like a charm.

2. Check Compatibility

Well, not all the phones have compatibility with the VoLTE, and only some of the latest devices are compatible with the feature. If your phone is LTE enabled, that doesn’t mean that it will have the LTE. So, you need to check for your phone’s model specifically to ensure that it has LTE enabled on it and that will be the best thing you can do. This will save you trouble in case your phone doesn’t have the VoLTE feature and you can have the problem solved simply by upgrading the phone to the latest version with the feature built-in.

3. Enable VoLTE

Even for the latest phones, you will have to enable the feature. To start that, you will have to make sure that VoLTE is enabled on your connection by Verizon. Afterward, you will have to enable it on your phone as well in the right manner. Once you do that, it’s all going to be fine and you will not have to worry about the problem again. It would be better if you restart your phone once after you have enabled the VoLTE and that is going to help you make it work without any error messages or issues at all.

4. Contact Verizon Support

If you are unable to make it work despite trying everything that is mentioned above and more. Then there is something wrong with the connection and you will have to contact Verizon to get it sorted out. So, just give them a call and they will be able to help you with it. Not only they can activate the service on your account, but also help you if there is some sort of problem with the VoLTE by thoroughly diagnosing it and fixing up the problem for you. Verizon support will also be able to confirm if the problem is caused due to some coverage issues and if you need to change your location.

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