3 Ways To Fix MSRM WiFi Extender No Internet Issue

msrm wifi extender no internet
msrm wifi extender no internet

MSRM is a famous company mostly known for its networking products. The Wireless routers and range extenders by them are some of the best devices. There is a huge list of routers that you can go for, out of which all of them have different features. You can check their lineups and go through their specifications to find a device for your usage.

The devices offer fast transfer rates as well as easy setups. This makes them great for both home use as well as for businesses. However, there are some issues that you can run into as well. One of these is the MSRM Wi-Fi Extender showing no internet. This can be quite annoying to deal with which is why we will be using this article to help you out.

MSRM WiFi Extender No Internet

  1. Check Connection

The first thing that you should do is check your connections. Sometimes users will try to connect with a device that was not their extender. This is quite common which is why it is better if you look into the problem. The best method for this is to connect your device through a unique SSID. This will ensure that the connection between your two devices is correct and there are no issues with them.

Start by opening up the configuration panel for your internet. Find the SSID code labeled here and then proceed to open up the settings for your extender. Enter these here to establish the connection. Make sure that the code is correct. Sometimes people get errors when copying the code directly which is why it is recommended that you enter them manually. This will take a little time but will ensure that your problem is gone afterward.

  1. Modem Position

Sometimes the problem can be that your extender is having trouble trying to catch on to signals. This usually happens when the devices are beyond the range of signals that your antenna can receive. You can move the position for either the modem or extender and install it closer to the other device.

This will ensure that these get the best signals at all times and your problem should be gone. Though, sometimes you might be unable to change the position of your devices. In this case, you can try to move any objects that are between these two. Make sure that the signals are not being blocked by anything that was between these. Even walls and closed doors can interrupt the connection for some people.

  1. Reset Device

Finally, if you are still getting the same problem then there might be an issue with your device. The files on it might have gotten damaged. Alternatively, you might have changed a file that you were unaware of. These can cause the device to give you errors similar to this. You can manually locate the file and change it back to fix your issue. Although, this can take a lot of time which is why you can reset the device instead. You can do this directly from the device or the settings on it.

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