4 Ways To Solve Verizon Cantenna Problems

verizon cantenna problems
verizon cantenna problems

With the increasing innovation in the tech world, people are always looking for fast internet services. This is because everything is connected to the internet in this modern world. However, with increased internet consumption, signal strength and speed have reduced at a significant rate. Some people use boosters to amplify the internet signals while some are still unaware.

The weak signals happen due to a multitude of reasons, but everything can be solved if you have a clear idea about tackling the issue. Recently, there has been an amazing innovation, named cantenna, that are the high gain antennas. They can be named as the directional antennas as well and have greater range, given their ability to radiate higher power and strength in signals.

In addition, they offer better signal reception but will need proper alignment, as they can receive signals from one direction only. In the same vein, there is a cantenna, which is the derivation of a Car Antenna. They have an easy application, and the operational frequency is around 2.4GHz. The regular cantennas are used to extend the Wi-Fi radio signals range with the implication of the LOS link.

The Wi-Fi war drivers are also used for running the assessment tests and offer reasonably-priced solutions for enhancing the signal quality. Some companies are using them for high altitude telemetry feedback, and the boaters have been using it for getting high-speed internet when they are on the cruise, and in their boats.

On top of everything, the military squads have been using the cantennas for transiting the wireless backhaul to and from the bases. All in all, cantennas have become integral for improving the internet signal strength. With this notion, Verizon Wireless has come with its cantenna, HomeFusio,n which will bring back 4G LTE internet to their home. So, let’s see what Verizon has to offer, and we have got the solutions for the apparent issues, as well!

Verizon’s HomeFusion Cantenna

Verizon is offering the HomeFusion cantenna service at the rate of $199 on a monthly basis. With this notion, users will get a fast internet connection. This cantenna is designed to receive the internet signals from LTE wireless signal towers and funnels to ensure you are getting the signals at your home. The cantenna will be installed on the rooftop that’s used to grab the 4G LTE signals.

This antenna is weather resistant that is wired with the coax cable, which is in return plugged into the mode or gateway unit. The modem will act as the router to create an internet connection. The router will make connections for over 20 devices. However, some people have been undergoing some cantenna issues with Verizon. In the section below, we have added the troubleshooting tips to help you access high-speed internet!

Ways To Solve Verizon Cantenna Problems

1. Reboot the Cantenna With the Power Inserter

So, if the Verizon cantenna isn’t working at its top capability, you can reboot the cantenna, and it is highly likely to solve the issue. So, follow them right away;

  • Go the installed cantenna position
  • Look out for the power cable
  • Unplug the power cable from the AC outlet
  • Make sure all the LED lights go off
  • Then, plug the power cable back in the AC outlet

2. Power Cycling

Power cycling might be the fancy name, but it is the regular restart feature. The power cycling will help change the cantenna settings to normal and the signals strength will be powerful. So, follow the below-mentioned steps to conduct power cycling, such as;

  • Go to the modem location and take the adapter out
  • Now, let the modem lights go off
  • Wait for 30 seconds
  • Now, plug the adapter back in
  • The cantennas will start working on its best capability

3. SIM Removal

If you are using the SIM data and internet service, the fixing will be quite easy. So, have a look at the steps;

  • Power off your phone
  • Wait for 30 seconds
  • Now, take the SIM card out
  • Wait for 30 minutes again
  • Put the SIM card back again
  • Switch on the phone
  • The internet signals will be much better

4. Restoring To Default Settings

If you are using the Wi-Fi services from Verizon and the cantenna is acting up, you can restore the modem to default settings and the cantenna issue will be resolved. To reset the modem settings, just push the button on the backside of the modem and everything will go back to default.

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