Verizon Quantum Gateway Dropping Connection (6 Ways To Solve)

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With the increased consumption of the internet, multiple internet technologies have been introduced, and multiple companies are offering services. Verizon is one such company, promised to provide high-end and streamlined internet service. However, people have been having a “gateway dropping connection” issue when connected to the internet.

This means that you won’t be able to send the emails, browse the internet, or stream videos. So, this is why we have shaped this article. In this article, we have added the troubleshooting tips to get away from the gateway issue. However, before jumping to troubleshooting, let’s gain background information about gateway issues.

Verizon Quantum Gateway Dropping Connection

So, the gateway is the network node of the network infrastructure that will work as the forwarding access point. This access point will be approached when data packets need to be sent to other networks. For instance, there is masking and IP addressing involved. When this gateway isn’t working properly, the gateway drops down. So, let’s see how this issue can be solved!

1) Get Rid Of MacAfee Programs

When the PC has some MacAfee program installed into the computer system, the default gateway is not available error tends to pop up. So, if you want to get rid of this issue, follow the below-mentioned steps;

  • Go to the control panel of the computer or PC
  • Type “programs” and go to the MacAfee
  • Click on the features option
  • Scroll to “add or remove” programs
  • Choose MacAfee and click on the uninstall button

Once the program is uninstalled, the issue will be sorted. However, for the anti-malware or anti-virus service, you can use some other third-party software.

2) Ethernet Adapter and Wi-Fi Issue

When you enable the Wi-Fi services from the network and internet sharing menu after disabling, it will sort the issue. To conduct this function, follow the steps provided below;

  • Move the cursor to network caption and right-click on it
  • Go to the “open network internet settings.”
  • Tap on “change the network settings.”
  • Go to the menu change adapter setting by simply tapping on it, and it will offer ethernet connection adapter
  • Select the ethernet connection adapter and right-click on it
  • Click on the disable button
  • Wait for a few second and click the enable option
  • Close down the menu
  • The internet will start running

3) Network Adapter Drivers

When you are using the internet connection on PC, you need to have advanced and latest network adapter drivers installed. There are high chances that the gateway issue is happening due to outdated drivers. In addition, make sure that you are downloading the software from legit websites rather than trusting every other website. So, have a look at the steps to help you through the process;

  • Switch on the PC and go to the device manager
  • Right-click on the caption for expanding the network adapter settings
  • You will be able to see the current driver software
  • Go to the contextual menu and update the driver software
  • Download the available drivers

There are instances when the device manager will not provide automatic search, so search for the suitable drivers manually, and it will fix the issue.

4) Auto-Login Feature

The Windows have recently come up with the automatic window account login option. With this feature, the repeated logins were conducted, but it started impacting the network settings of the windows. So, you need to put the login password or disable the auto-login features from scratch. So, this means that there will be no automatic logins, and the network settings will remain intact. Thus, the gateway dropping will be fixed.

5) Uninstallation Of Network Adapter Drivers

If you are struggling with the gateway dropping issue, you need to uninstall the network drivers from the computer. However, there will be no adverse impacts because once the computer is rebooted, the drivers will be installed again automatically. For uninstalling the network adapter drivers, follow the below-mentioned steps;

  • Switch on the PC and go to the device manager
  • Right-click on the network adapter option
  • Tap on the uninstall button
  • Reboot the PC
  • The adapter will be reinstalled again, and you will see a noticeable change in the internet connectivity

6) Refresh The Router

If the gateway issue is happening, you need to turn off the router and wait for a few seconds to switch it back on. This will be a convenient and effective way or regaining the broadband connection and signals on Verizon.

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