Is Verizon Available In Canada? (Answered)

is verizon in canada
is verizon in canada

Given the increasing demand, multiple telecommunications, and network providing companies have joined the arena. But it’s needless to point out that only a few of them are offering top-notch services. Verizon Wireless is a similar company, originating from America. The company offers telecommunication services and wireless products in America. Verizon Wireless is the subsidiary of Verizon communications and has managed to gain more than 154 million subscribers.

With this notion, Verizon Wireless has become the second-largest telecommunication company in the US. The company is headquartered in New Jersey and goes back in the year 2020. According to stats, Verizon Wireless provides 4G LTE services to 98% of the US population. In addition, their services are available in more than 169 rural counties. In addition, the year 2015 brought top-notch news for the users since Verizon announced that they were working on th4e 5G internet technology.

Is Verizon Available In Canada?

People have been wondering if they can use the internet and communication services in countries other than the US, such as Canada. Well, only the time will tell because we have added information on whether Verizon users can use the communication and network services in Canada or not. So, have a look!

Verizon Unlimited Plans

Recently, Verizon has launched their unlimited plans, but to be honest, they are inculcated with some limits. However, the positive point is that you won’t need to invest in the expensive internet or communication plans on international and foreign trips. This year, Verizon launched a $75 Go Unlimited plan tat included text, call, and data offers for Mexico and Canada.

The plan is available for new as well as existing users. However, when it comes to the Beyond Unlimited plan, you need to consider some things. For instance, you aren’t allowed to use more than 512MB of 4G LTE internet data for daily usage. After this limit, the internet speed will limit down to 2G, which is good for nothing, to be honest.

The users might be able to scroll Instagram photos and reply to the emails. However, users cannot watch TV shows while roaming in Canada. On top of everything, if you’ve used 50% of the package incentives by staying in Canada for 60-days, the international features might get limited or removed. However, the package isn’t available for regular travelers of the US.

It wouldn’t be wrong to say that Verizon is competing with T-Mobile. That’s because they are offering free data and voice roaming in Mexico and Canada. They are doing that, providing the One plan. However, the plan offers 5GB monthly cap, rather than the daily data caps. Well, the users have been happy about T-Mobile since they aren’t practically stealing from them only because they aren’t in the US anymore.


Verizon is always thinking about its customers that have motivated them to design advanced plans for the consumers. One such plan in TravelPass. Through this bundle, the consumers will be able to use the domestic plans, their texts, talk minutes, and data in more than 185 different countries. However, there will be a regular daily fee set.

For instance, the daily set fee for Mexico and Canada is $5 for a daily basis. In addition, if you use the data, text, and call minutes in Canada and Mexico, no extra costs will be added to the domestic plans. Some Verizon plans, such as Above Unlimited and Beyond Unlimited, are now available in XL and XXL sizes. When it comes to the Above Unlimited plan, the consumer will get five TravelPasses on a monthly basis.

However, the TravelPass won’t work on your international cruise ships. As for the activation, the TravelPass will be automatically activated when use data, send a text message or make and receive the phone call in the foreign borders. If the data roaming is switched on, the data will be used in the background for email syncing, app updates, and the content refreshing of the apps.

Once the 24-hours TravelPass session ends, you will get a text after two hours. In addition, the consumers can claim the TravelPass Verizon Up Reward as well. With this reward, the users can get free resources for a day, and they will automatically be acclaimed to your name. However, the reward day has -an expiration of six months, so claim it when you’ve to leave for Canada!

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