5 Ways To Solve Verizon Router Won’t Connect To The Internet

verizon router won't connect to internet
verizon router won’t connect to internet

Verizon is an internet service provider with efficient and reliable internet plans. It is a trusted network. Verizon gained popularity for its top tier internet service and all telecommunications means. While their service includes marketing wireless devices, as well, it is well-known that they are preferred for their internet connection and service. However, there are times when your internet router or modem is causing you unexplainable issues such as Verizon router won’t connect to the internet.  In this article, we will discuss these problems and provide you with a few solutions.

Troubleshoot and Solve Verizon Router Won’t Connect To The Internet

Your Verizon router not connecting to the internet is a huge issue. However, there are several underlying causes to this issue that are easily detectable and can be fixed in a minute or so. Here is a list of ways to troubleshoot and solve this certain problem.

1.    Cover the Basics 

The first step that you should take to tackle this issue is to cover the basics. What would you do normally? With the utmost amount of patience, make sure that your Verizon router is working correctly. Quickly, glance at the back of the router and be certain that the cable coming from the wall is precisely plugged into the white Ethernet port or the WAN port.

Make sure that all devices connected to the router (for example TVs, gaming systems or PCs, etc.) are plugged into the yellow LAN ports without any error. Check that the Verizon router’s WAN light (blinking) is on. You can locate it on the front or lower back. Once again, the placement of WAN light depends on the router you own.

2.    Momentary Issue 

Now that you’ve covered the basics and it still does not fix the issue. It can easily be stated that it is a momentary problem. If your router and devices are active and the internet connection is not responding well, then it might be a glitch that can go away on its own. Nonetheless, you should reboot your router or modem accordingly. In addition, you should restart your devices that require an internet connection as well.

3.    Internet Plan 

It is a possibility that your Verizon internet plan may have expired which may be causing the router’s inability to connect to the internet. You can check for this by logging in to your Verizon account. Another possibility could be your internet bandwidth being used by other devices.

Log into your Wi-Fi-related app or administrator settings – which you can find by searching your IP address on your browser. Find the list that contains the currently connected devices and dot the devices that are unrecognizable. Make sure that you do not disconnect or remove devices that are your own since many devices have their specific network names.

4.    The Source 

If you attempted the above options such as troubleshooting your modem or router and they did not help, then the problem may come from a source that is further down the line. Inspect the internet connection set up by the provider coming into your home.

Usually, this is located on the side of your house. Sometimes, it can be found to be housed in an enclosure somewhere in your house or outside it. Seek it out and make sure that the main cable has not been chewed up by an animal or knocked loose due to a storm or strong wind. If this seems to be the case then you should contact Verizon.

5.    Contact your ISP 

When you have ruled out all of these possibilities and have performed the solutions mentioned above, then it is time to accept your fate. You should contact your internet service provider, who in this case is Verizon, and ask them for guidance on why your Verizon router is not connecting to the internet. They will be able to direct you to the underlying cause and hopefully, fix it.

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