4 Ways To Solve Red Globe On Verizon Router

red globe on verizon router
red globe on verizon router

Ever since you install your Verizon router in the house, the lights on the router shine bright with the solid white light. In the meantime, you do not get to experience any slowdown on the internet as well. Everything is going great with your Wireless Verizon internet. Then, all of a sudden and out of nowhere your internet connection starts acting up which makes you get up and immediately check your router. there you see that you Verizon router has a solid red globe on it. why do you see it often? Because of the malfunctioning of your internet connectivity and your router unable to detect DSL signal as well.

Most of the time you have been shown that your network signals are excellent but still, you get to experience the connectivity slowdowns and sometimes even the total network outage. Although, you must know that your router can be behind all that. Most importantly, solid red globe on your Verizon’s router.

Not having adequate internet connectivity disrupts your whole day routine as well as your mood and productivity. Most importantly, in today’s world where almost everything has been made digital, facing frequent connectivity issues can get on your nerves quite quickly. We have got you covered. This article, we have pinpointed all the necessary factors and cases that clear your confusion about the spontaneous red globe on your Verizon router along with the helpful ways to fix it and turn it back to solid white light.

Why Does My Verizon Router Have Red Globe?

Solid lights are shining bright on the Verizon routers. We all must have a fair idea that what those lights are meant for and how their colors have an impact on our internet connectivity. To let you know, it has a lot to do with our internet connectivity.

Most of the time when your internet is working completely fine and you have nothing to worry about, you would see that your wireless router has solid white light shining brighter than ever. This is a sign of a perfectly working internet. Although, if the white light is later turned into a solid red one, then things with the internet connection might be messy for you.

Red globe on your Verizon router is all related to your poor internet connectivity. However, consider these cases:

  1. Solid Red Globe:

When the red globe is wholly solid red, it indicates that you are completely out of the internet connection.

  1. Slow Flashing Red Globe:

When you see that the red globe on your router isn’t too deep-colored but it is continuously flashing slow, it means that you need to fix things up with your gateway.

  1. Fast Flashing Red Globe:

However, that the red globe on your Verizon router sometimes flashes and flickers way too fast. This spontaneous flickering indicates that your router has overheated and needs to be placed somewhere cooler.

Why Is It Important To Turn Red Globe Into white One?

The use of a fast internet connection is inevitable these days. Red globe on your Verizon router is influencing your internet connectivity quite badly which is why it needs to be quickly turned in to a white colored globe.

Ways To Troubleshoot Red Globe On Verizon Router:

Here are some quick ways to fix up the issue:

  1. Fix Loose Connections:

Sometimes the spontaneous red globe on your Verizon router is due to the loose arrangement of connectors. Tighten up your connection physically until the red globe is turned into white. First, unplug all the cables. Wait for 30 to 40 seconds. Then replug them quickly.

  1. Navigate To Check Service Outage:

The actual issue might lie in the total outage of the network. Navigate to Verizon’s webpage to check it out. Wait for the service to return so the red globe could disappear.

  1. Try Rebooting Your Verizon Router:

You might not believe it but resetting and rebooting your router can fix the issue within a matter of seconds. Try to unplug it for 30 seconds.

  1. Try Resetting Verizon Router Factory Settings:

Reset the factory settings of your Verizon router which will eventually make your previous devices disconnected. Don’t worry. Reconnect them after you configure your username and password again. There are 80% chances that the red globe on your Verizon router would disappear.

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