Is MetroPCS GSM or CDMA ? (Answered)

metropcs gsm or cdma
metropcs gsm or cdma

When it comes down to mobile phones, there are two primary technologies, inclusive of GSM and CDMA. Well, these are the advanced technologies but have made it for signal and network connection on those old AT&T phones. However, people still aren’t aware of these technologies. So, in this article, we have outlined everything you need to know about GSM and CDMA and which is being used by MetroPCS. Have a look!


CDMA stands for code division multiple access, and GSM stands for global system for mobiles. These technologies are the name for 2G and 3G networks. With the dawn of 2020, Verizon has decided to shut down the CDMA network, along with T-Mobiles. In addition, the 2G GSM network will be shut off by the end of 2020. This is because, with 2021, they want to keep up with their 3G internet technologies.

The network signals will be available in low bandwidths and will be responsible for supporting the vending machines and meters. In addition, T-Mobile has acquired Sprint, and its CDMA network will go through the same. This means that 2G and 3G signals will be weak, and there are chances that signals won’t be there at all.


Every network out there is either working on CDMA or GSM technology. However, the MetroPCS has been pondering about the technology. So, to answer your question, MetroPCS merged with T-Mobile recently, and since then, they have been identified as the GSM carrier (T-Mobile is GSM carrier). This is because T-Mobile shut off the CDMA network.

The merger was completed a month ago, but they have been playing their roles as separate brands. On the other hand, MetroPCS came up with a new network, “Bring Your Own Phone,” through which users can use the unlocked GSM phones for a combined network. That’s to say, because you can use the unlocked GSM phones to access the MetroPCS service.

This program is a new sunray for MetroPCS since they were operating as CDMA-only carriers before they merged with T-Mobile. As for now, MetroPCS is supporting Android, iPhones, and Windows phones. On the other hand, they are not supporting hotspot devices, tables, or Blackberry. In addition, MetroPCS’s “Bring Your Own Home” program is available in Boston, Hartford, Las Vegas, and Dallas.  However, they intend to launch the program in other cities in the near future.

Bring Your Own Phone Program

For everyone who intends to bring their own device, they can get unlimited plans in $40, $50, and $60 on a monthly basis. After unlocking the phone, they need to purchase the branded SIM card by MetroPCS to ensure their phone’s getting the signals. In addition, the users can port the old phone number from other carriers as well.

However, you need to ensure there are no contracts or agreements adhered to with the old phone number. It’s been in the news that MetroPCS will come up with new GSM phones (two to be exact) to create their own line. According to inside reports, the phones can be LG Optimus L9 and Samsung Galaxy Exhibit. Also, keep in mind that LG Optimus L9 is one of the best Android phones out there.

In addition, the Samsung Galaxy Exhibit hasn’t been available for review, but experts say that it’s a combination of Galaxy S2 and Galaxy S3.

Checking Phone’s Compatibility

So, you can now transfer the phones, and it can be checked through the IMEI number of the Metrobyt website. If the phone is compatible, it needs to be unlocked. For checking the unlocked feature, you need to switch the SIM from one network to another. Also, you can get it checked on the official T-Mobile store. All in all, it’s compatible with Samsung Galaxy and iPhones (the unlocked ones!).

The locked phones simply don’t work on other networks because the installed software doesn’t allow that. Once you unlock the phone, you will be able to use other carriers, so you can gain better services according to your area coverage. Once you have unlocked and made sure of phone compatibility, you can switch to MetroPCS by choosing the preferred plan.

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