3 Ways to Extend TracFone Service Days Expired

tracfone service days expired
tracfone service days expired

The day that marks the end of your data services is “Service End Date” which is also the last day of your service period. TracFone service days get expired under your chosen data plan. According to TracFone, airtime minutes get added to your phone which doesn’t expire with activated services and usages most probably within six consecutive months for Smartphones and twelve consecutive months for other cellular phones.

Many TracFone customers usually enquire if they can extend their expired services and what does it take to extend the services after they have expired. In this article, we have shared some added procedures by which you can extend your service days with TracFone even after their expiry date has neared.

TracFone Services:

TracFone is the largest no-contracting cellular network provider in the USA that offers cheap and refabricated phones which can add airtime to them based on how much you can pay.

As far as the amount of airtime you purchase is concerned, you already get the service days that range from 90 to 365 days. There are chances that you might surpass your expiry data, now to extend those service days you would need to purchase or simply add additional airtime. These summing ups are easily carried out online or directly from your TracFone.

By extending your data services with TracFone, you would never be interrupted while making and receiving phone calls as well as sending and receiving loads of text messages.

Ways to Extend TracFone Service Days Expired:

These are the variety of ways by which you can extend your TracFone services when you near the expiry date.

  1. How To Buy Service Days And Airtime Online?

Follow this step-by-step approach:

  • Open your browser and navigate to TracFone.com.
  • Tap on the green “Activate Phone, Add or Buy Airtime” button.
  • Scroll up the “Buy Airtime” button.
  • Click on the “Buy Airtime Online” option.
  • Now choose the amount of Airtime you want to buy with your credit to extend your TracFone airtime and service days.
  • Enter your TracFone number.
  • Tap on “Continue”.

Follow the given instructions to take your purchase to end. By doing so, your Airtime would be fed to your account and the TracFone service date will get extended.

  1. How To Add Airtime And Services Days Online?

Follow these steps:

  • Go to your web and search Tracfone.com.
  • Tap on the green “Activate Phone, Add or Buy Airtime” button from your screen.
  • Now select “Add Airtime”.
  • Tap on the “Add Airtime Online” option by clicking the “Go” button right beneath the same section.
  • Now input the Airtime PIN Number located on the backside of the airtime card that you have purchased next to your TracFone number.
  • At last, click “Submit.”
  1. How To Add Airtime And Service Days From Your TracFone?

Here is how you do it:

  • Go to your phone’s “Prepaid Menu”.
  • Now select the “Redeem Airtime” option.
  • Enter the Airtime PIN Number located on the back of the airtime card that you have already purchased to add airtime and service days to your TracFone cellphone.
  • Submit your request.

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