4 Solutions To Too Many Active Streams Plex

Too Many Active Streams Plex
Too Many Active Streams Plex

Multiple streams can typically be supported by various streaming applications, although these applications do have limits that, if exceeded, can result in a slow connection and streaming issues. Likewise, the Plex app has a similar concern. This app can support up to 3-4 streams at a time but when the limit exceeds it shows you an error.

Since the “Plex too many active streams error” has been frequently inquired issue by the users we will talk about the mistakes that cause this error in detail. So if you are stuck with the same issue, here are some troubleshooting steps to get you going.

Too Many Active Streams Plex Error:

  1. Check Your Active Streams:

The Plex app supports many streams at once, but there is a limit to how much media you can stream simultaneously. There may be streams running on your application that are signed in on another device, for a different plex user and even if you don’t have any active streams on your user, Plex will consider them as active streams. Therefore, make sure to check the active streams on your Plex app. Go to the Now Playing server in your Plex app’s Dashboard to view your active media. If any user signs your Plex app, their name will be displayed on the entry even if the media is accessible by shared users.

  1. Active Streams Per User:

When you make a user on the Plex media server, the application limits the number of streams for each user. Say like if you were able to broadcast 5 active media on one user then it will reduce to 2-3 streams per user if you create a second user. This is a Plex setting that can be modified by going to the Network Settings section and selecting your stream capacity from the drop-down box.

  1. Disable Sync For Users:

Another reason for the too many active streams problem in Plex is that you have allowed download and sync for your Plex users. So, if you have several Plex users who have downloaded media from the server, Plex counts it as an active stream even if the user is not currently streaming or active. This may reduce your streaming capacity, therefore make sure to disable the download when creating a user.

Go to the User section on your Plex app and navigate to the Select User tab. Next, click on the Restrictions tab and turn off the Sync feature. You can do this for every user, or an active user. By doing this the load on your server will potentially cut down. Go to your media library and stream any media. The error should go away.

  1. Contact Plex Support:

If none of the solutions works for you, contact Plex support and explain your situation. This error could be caused by a server problem, so it is best to seek professional assistance to resolve your issue.

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