DirecTV Spending Limit Exceeded: 3 Ways To Fix

directv spending limit exceeded
directv spending limit exceeded

DirecTV offers its customers sufficient and affordable tv packages that can save their kitties from draining out rapidly. Apart from the package, it also facilitates people to order PPV of their favorite content anytime they want. However, additional PPV can add to your billing too. To make you know about this situation, AT&T’s DirecTV spending limit extended alert occurs on your tv set.

But many people in different internet forums are complaining that the DirecTV spending limit exceeded comes up more frequently and without any concrete reason. And are continually asking how they can eliminate this er or. Following enlisted troubleshoots potentially can do away with the said error.

DirecTV Spending Limit Exceeded

1) Remove DirecTV Spending Limit Exceeded By Plugging And Plugging Method

It is an awkward situation when your DirecTV gives you a spending limit exceeded occur despite the fact that you have not selected any pay per view option. So, it means there is some malfunctioning in the device. First, to make it workable, plug out all the cables from the DirecTV device and turn it off. After a few moments, affix all the cables firmly and turn the device on.

Through this, your DirecTV will refresh all the data and clear out the cache that is prompting the spending limit exceeded error.

2) Check DirecTV Bill If Spending Limit Exceeded Occur

If you are getting a DirecTV spending limit exceeded alert on your tv screen, it means either it is a bug or using PPV beyond your spending limit. Thus, you need to take a keen look at your DirecTV bill. If it is not showing in your billing statement and everything is right, then it is an error, and you can make it correct through troubleshoots stated in this space.

However, you can set a spending limit through a DirecTV account. Go to the DirecTV account settings and bar DirecTV spending limit according to your needs. Once you place the spending bar on your DirecTV, there is no need to panic as DirecTV will not charge extra.

3) Contact DirecTV Customer Care Center

There is more probability of DirecTV spending limit exceeded error props up due to poor internet connection so, check your internet signal strength and reboot the router for better performance. However, if you find any difficulty resolving the issue, take your phone out and contact the DirecTV customer care center.

DirecTV representative will inquire about the issue you are facing. Tell all the problems. They will provide you a guideline to make the DirecTV box function. If this issue persists then, you may avail of device replacement as per DirecTV’s policy.


In a nutshell, we have explained the above number of troubleshoots to arrest the DirecTV spending limit’s nuisance. The issue will be wiped out either by the unplug and plug method or through billing and internet endurance.

In this article, we’ve provided you various hacks that can do away with issues to your DirecTV related to the topic. We appreciate your comments in the comment section. And we will be right back to you with other practical ways to resolve your problems

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