5 Solutions To Plex App Keeps Stopping

Plex App Keeps Stopping
Plex App Keeps Stopping

Plex is a one-stop-shop for people who want to stream music, sports, TV shows, and music. This is because it allows users to stream their personal media files. The app is available for smartphones, and you can download it on computer systems as well. However, if the Plex app keeps stopping or crashing, there are various solutions that you can try out!

Fixing Plex App Keeps Stopping:

  1. The OS Version

When it comes down to Plex, it is downloaded on a smartphone or computer, and the device’s operating system supports the app. However, if you have recently downloaded Plex, it means that you’ve downloaded the latest version, which won’t be supported by the outdated operating system. For this reason, if there is an OS update available, you need to download and install it on the device. Once the operating system has been updated to the latest version, reboot the device to make sure the new version is properly installed and configured properly.

  1. App Update

Plex is available in the form of an app, which means it can be installed on smartphones as well as computers. The app must be updated to ensure it works smoothly and there are no functionality errors. That being said, you should open the app store on the device, go to the installed apps list, and scroll down to the Plex app. If the update is available, an update button will be available just beside the app’s name, so press it, and the app update will be installed. On the other hand, if you are using the computer app, you will have to download the latest app from Plex’s official website.

  1. Reboot

If you don’t want to go through the extensive process of updating the operating system version or app update, the easiest solution is to reboot the device on which you are using the Plex app. For this purpose, you should turn off the device, wait for five to ten minutes, and then turn it back on. When the device turns on, you can open the Plex app to start streaming, and it’s likely that the app will work properly. That’s because the reboot can help clear the background apps that are congesting the device and preventing its functionality.

  1. Delete & Reinstall

Another solution is to delete the Plex app from the device and reboot the device. When the device turns on, open the app store again to download the Plex app. Once the Plex app is downloaded, use your account credentials to sign in, and start streaming. Reinstalling the app will eliminate the configuration errors as they can lead to the app crashing. However, when you delete the app, make sure that you delete the related files as well to prevent file overwriting.

  1. App Cache

Just like other smartphone apps, the Plex app also has cache, and the excessive cache will result in crashing or stopping of the app. For this purpose, you must clear the cache and data by accessing the Plex app from the device’s settings – you can open the apps folder from settings and tap on the “clear cache” option. Once the cache is deleted, reboot your device before you start streaming!

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