5 Approaches To Solve Starlink Can’t Connect To This Network

starlink can't connect to this network
starlink can’t connect to this network

Starlink is one of the best choices when it comes down to satellite internet connections. It has become a promising choice for people who need a reliable internet connection in rural areas because other wireless connections aren’t available in such areas. However, if you are using the Starlink internet but you are unable to connect to the network, we are sharing an array of solutions!

Starlink Can’t Connect To This Network Fix:

  1. Connectors

First of all, you have to check all the connectors connected to the modem and routers. This is because it’s common for the connectors to collect dust, which can negatively impact the performance. Having said that, you must check the connectors and clean them all with the help of cotton buds. In addition to this, if the connectors seem damaged or worn out, you must purchase the new ones and install them.

  1. Cables

If there is nothing wrong with the connectors and they are already tightly connected, you have to check the cables connected to the router and modem. This is because these cables are important for transmitting the signals, and loose or damaged cables can interfere with the network. So, inspect the cables and make sure they are not frayed. Also, if you have pets, there are chances that they have nibbled the cables, which caused internal damage to the cables. Having said that, if the cables are damaged, replace them. On the contrary, if the cables are loose, tighten them up properly.

  1. Pins

When it comes down to Starlink connections, they are designed with the dish to receive the signals and transmit them to the devices through a router. However, if you are unable to connect to the network, you have to check inside the dish’s socket and make sure all the pins are aligned. In case the pins are bent or damaged, you must get the socket changed.

  1. Syncing

With Starlink connections, the dish has to be synced with the router to make sure the received signals are transmitted to the router for connecting the wireless devices. However, if you cannot connect to the network, there are chances of syncing issues. So, it’s recommended that you contact the customer support team of Starlink and ask them to sync the devices for you. In most cases, they will have to send their technical team to your place. Also, when they sync the devices, you’ve to reboot the connection for thirty minutes to ensure the settings are saved.

  1. Router’s Location

The router’s location plays an important role in signal strength. In simpler words, if you have placed the router in the corner of the house, it will negatively impact the signal strength and slow down the internet. Having said that, we recommend that you check the router and place it in the central location of the house to ensure seamless signal transmission.

These solutions should help optimize the internet connectivity, but if you still cannot connect to the network, it’s likely that there is a network outage. So, just reach out to the customer support team!

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