Starlink Router Light Not On? (Do These 4 Checks)

starlink router light not on
starlink router light not on

Starlink is a reliable choice for the rural population of the US because it is a broadband connection that promises a high-speed and low-latency internet connection to the users. Whenever you subscribe to the Starlink connection, the company sends you a router that helps create a wireless connection. Just like other routers, the Starlink router also has various LED indicators that help gain information about the router’s performance status. However, if the LED indicators are not turning on the router, we are sharing an array of solutions that will work for you!

Starlink Router Light Not On Fix:

  1. Check The Power Button

When it comes down to the Starlink router, it is designed with a power button as compared to other routers available on the market. The power button on the router helps users turn on and turn off the router without worrying about the cable connection. So, if the lights are not turning on the router, it simply means that the router is not connected to power. For this reason, you have to check the power button on the router and ensure that it’s turned on.

  1. Check The Power Socket

If the power button is already turned on, but the lights are still not turning on the router, it’s likely that something is wrong with the power socket. That’s because a damaged power socket will fail to create an electrical connection for the router, hence no lights. For this reason, we recommend that you connect your router to a different power socket but make sure it is working well. You can also test the power socket by connecting your router to another socket, and if it works in the new one, it means that the power socket was damaged and should be fixed if you want to keep using it in the power socket.

  1. The Adapters

If you have connected the multi-plug adapters to turn on the router, there are chances that it’s interfering with the connection. The multi-plug adapters are usually used when people have to connect multiple devices at the same point. Having said that, if you are using the adapter, you must disconnect it and connect the router directly to the outlet to make sure the adapter isn’t interfering with the functionality of your router.

On the other hand, if you have no choice but to use a power adapter, make sure that the ampere and voltage of the adapter must match. With the Starlink router, you have 1.5 amperes and 12V voltage, so it’s time you check the adapter’s specifications and match them.

  1. Power Extensions

The router might fail to turn on, or lights don’t turn on when you use the power extension or surge protectors. The surge protectors are usually used to protect the routers and electronic devices from voltage fluctuations, while power extensions help bring the power outlet closer. However, both these devices can interfere with the power connection, so you should disconnect the surge protectors and power extensions and connect your router to the wall socket.

In case the lights still aren’t turning on, you should call the technical support team to resolve the hardware issues in the router.

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