Cisco Router Power Light Flashing: 3 Ways To Fix

cisco router power light flashing
cisco router power light flashing

You must understand that Cisco is a worldwide leader in Information Technology, Cybersecurity, and networking if you do not know. But, what if you start to face issues while trying to use your Cisco router.

These issues need to be resolved, which is why we are here with this article dedicated entirely to the Cisco power light flashing. In the draft, you will first come to know about the reason behind the flashing of Cisco power light; later on, you will be introduced to some of the best troubleshooting methods.

Cisco Router Power Light Flashing: What Does It Mean?

If your Cisco router’s power light is flashing, then the reason behind it is that either router is having a hardware issue or the firmware is corrupted. It is something profound, and if not resolved quickly, it may lead you to change the router. But, if you are here following this article, you know that you will get some of the most useful methods to overcome this issue. So acknowledge the troubleshooting methods, and they will help you in the best possible manner.

1) Keep On Turning The Router Off

To overcome the issue, what you need to do is be consistent. The first thing that you need to do is power off the Cisco router. After it, wait for at least 20 seconds and then turn on the router. Now, wait for your router’s power light to blink twice and then turn it off again. After it, you need to follow the same step at least three times and then see if the issue is resolved or not. If the flashing is gone, then well and good if not, then keep on doing it. After a few restarts, the issue will be nowhere near the router.

2) Reboot The Router

If the power light of the Cisco router is still flashing, then what you need to do is a reboot by pulling off the power cable. Then wait for half a minute and then turn the router on. Here you will have to do the same procedure again until the light turns solid. It’s one of the most successful methods provided by Linksys customer care.

3) Contact Your Service Providers

If you want to resolve the issue without placing much effort, then Linksys Customer Care is the place made for you. What you need to do is call Customer care, and they will allow you to overcome the issue.


If you own a Cisco router and have issues with it, you only need to give the above article a good read, and it will help you overcome those issues. The draft has got almost every possible solution to help you get rid of the power light flashing. Give the article a good read and help yourself enjoy correctly running the internet. If you find any other difficulty related to the power light, let us know in the comment section.

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  1. None of my printers are getting a signal from my Cisco router and I cannot print wirelessly. This has been going on for just the last couple of months. My router may be over 5 years old.

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