4 Ways To Fix Starlink Offline Network Issue

starlink offline network issue
starlink offline network issue

Starlink has definitely become the best internet option for people who live in more rural areas in the U.S. Those who are now proud owners of Starlink network equipment were not so long ago cast away from society for not having a reliable connection.

As you can imagine, living in places where the internet connection is weak or even inexistent has to be hard. As most people that live in more developed cities grew used to having their whole schedules online and performing most of their tasks in a virtual world, it gets hard to conceive of a life without an active internet connection.

That is the big idea behind Starlink. A company that dedicated its time, money, and effort to bringing a fast and stable internet connection where other internet service providers wouldn’t. Not even T-Mobile, Verizon, and AT&T, the three telecommunication giants of the U.S. were capable of reaching users in such remote areas.

Starlink, however, decided to put an end to the lack of internet connection in areas that are farther from bigger cities.
From then on, more and more people became able to have a reliable connection and enjoy their internet time for whatever use. Similar to any other internet connection, Starlink also experiences problems every now and then.

Whether related to coverage, signal strength, power cables and connectors, or even outages, no provider is safe from issues with their services. As some Starlink users most recently complained, there is a problem that is rendering their connections offline and preventing them from using Starlink’s internet features.

The problem has been mentioned to occur even when there are wireless connections, to the surprise of most users. If you are also experiencing problems with your Starlink internet connection, stay with us.

How To Fix Starlink Offline Network Issue

1. Give The Network Equipment A Reboot

Network Equipment A Reboot

Even though many so-called specialists don’t consider the rebooting procedure an effective troubleshooting tip, it does a lot for the connection’s health. Electronic devices, especially network ones, tend to save files that help them establish connections with web pages, servers, and other devices.

These files, however, become obsolete at some point. But there is no feature that deletes them once they are no longer necessary. In the end, they pile up in the device’s memory and render its performance weaker.

Also, since network equipment is constantly connecting to other devices, compatibility or configuration problems may arise at any time. As users are not so used to dealing with connection problems between devices, they are instantly led to believe the cause of the issue is the hardware.

the modem from the power outlet

These are common mistakes that most users make and that can be easily prevented through periodical maintenance. And by maintenance, we mean a simple reboot of the equipment. Doing that will most likely handle these smaller problems and allow the internet connection to keep delivering its top performance levels.

So, go ahead and reboot the whole network setup. Start by unplugging the modem from the power outlet and, after a few seconds, do the same with the router. Then, give it at least five minutes before plugging the modem back into the power outlet.

Once the modem finishes booting up, plug the router back into the power outlet as well. That should do it and these small issues that were hindering the performance of your Starlink’s internet connection should be handled.

2. Disconnect And Forget The Network

Disconnect And Forget The Network

If the problem that is rendering your Starlink internet connection offline remains, your next move should be to redo the connection from scratch.

That means disconnecting the device that you are attempting to connect to your Starlink network and connecting it again. That, of course, should only bear fruit if you command the device to forget the network before attempting to connect again.

That is a procedure that ensures that the connection between the devices is re-established from ground zero.
It can be especially useful since it can fix some errors that occurred upon the first connection attempt. The first step is to disconnect the device from the Starlink network.

connect to your Starlink network

Once that is done, grab the device you wish to connect to your Starlink network, go to the general settings, and then to the ‘network’ tab. There you will see a list of available networks and Starlink should be one of the first ones. Click on it and, on the next screen, scroll down until you find the ‘forget network’ option.

Once you find it, click on it and hit confirm when the prompt pops up on the screen. Finally, reboot the device so it erases all traces of connection attempts that have come before. Then, once the device starts up again, redo the connection with the Starlink network.

3. Try Establishing An Ethernet Connection

Ethernet Connection

If the solutions above were not able to solve the offline connection problem with your Starlink network, it may be because there is a bigger issue related to the wireless aspect of the network. If that is indeed the case, then establishing an Ethernet connection should take care of the problem.

This is because Ethernet connections don’t rely on radio waves to transmit the signal. Instead, it relies on a cable that sends it directly into the connected device. As we know, wi-fi signals are prone to suffering obstacles from a number of features that are quite common in most households.

To create an Ethernet connection, simply grab the cable that is connected to the modem or router and connect it directly to the computer or laptop. Since Ethernet cables have plug-and-play features, this should be enough for the system to take care of the rest and your connection should be up in no time.

4. Check For Possible Outages

internet service provider

Sometimes, the cause of the problem that is rendering your Starlink internet connection offline may not be on your side of the deal. Just like any other internet service provider, Starlink is also prone to experience problems with its equipment and face outages before the repair is done.

So, if your connection is offline, make sure to check Starlink’s social media profiles, your email inbox, and even their official web page to check if the cause of the problem is not on the other side of the connection. Alternatively, you can contact Starlink’s customer support department and get that info.

It might be a good idea to do so as you will be able to get more accurate information and a more precise deadline for the repair. Lastly, as it has been stated by Starlink representatives, during peak hours, the odds the network will experience problems are higher.

servers ISP

That is because, due to the higher data traffic, the servers may not be able to handle all that level of activity. In these situations, all users can do is sit and wait until the servers are back online and the connection can be restored. Peak hours are normally between 5 and 10 p.m. So, during these hours, keep an eye out for connection problems.

In A Nutshell

Starlink provides internet connections to parts of the country where no other provider is able to do it. They are fast and stable connections most of the time, but still prone to suffer problems.

In case your Starlink network is continuously going offline, try the easy solutions on the list and get rid of the problem once and for all. If none of them work for you, make sure to contact customer support and get some additional help.

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