Linksys Router Power Light Blinking: 5 Ways To Fix

linksys router power light blinking
linksys router power light blinking

In this modern-day, the internet has become an absolute necessity and wireless internet is the convenient choice. With this being said, people use routers and Linksys router is one amazing option. However, some people are struggling with Linksys router power light blinking. So, we have outlined some easy fixes for you!

Power Light Blinking On Linksys Router – What Does It Mean?

In case you want to know the meaning of this blinking light before moving to the troubleshooting methods, we have the information for you. So, it means that the firmware is corrupt for the router. With this being, the users won’t be able to access the web pages and setup pages. So, let’s move to the troubleshooting methods!


First things first, you should try rebooting the router because it can automatically fix the minor configuration issues with files. For this purpose, you need to take out the power cords from the router and make sure to remove the power cord from the switch as well. Once everything is plugged out, let it rest for around one minute and start plugging in the power cords again. When the router switches on, the blinking light issue will be taken care of.

2) Router Firmware

If the rebooting of the Linksys router did not fix the power light blinking issues, there are chances that you will need to update the firmware. In case you are wondering where to get the firmware update from, you can log in to the Linksys router account and it will show the available update in the dashboard. Once you download and install the firmware on the router, it will reboot and will fix the blinking light issue.

3) Power Cords 

The prime reason that you are unable to fix the power light blinking issue even after installing the latest firmware, might be something wrong with the power cords. In case the power cord has fraying or damages, it’s not going to offer the optimal power signals. Consequently, you need to replace the old power cords with a new one and the blinking issue will be gone.

4) Internet Service Provider Or Technician 

If nothing is working out the power light blinking issue for you, we suggest that you take the matter to the internet service provider and have him look at the configuration information of the router. They can troubleshoot the Linksys router for you and it will probably fix the corrupted configuration file issue. However, you can also talk to the technician if you don’t want to call the ISP.

The technician is the optimal choice for people who are suspecting hardware issues in the router. With this being said, they can come to your place and inspect the router.

5) Replace The Router

In case the technician and internet service provider is not able to fix the issue with Linksys router, you might need to replace the router and get a new one. This should be done in case if you’ve been using the router for a long time because such equipment tends to wear out with time!

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