3 Ways To Fix Linksys Router Keeps Rebooting

linksys router keeps rebooting
linksys router keeps rebooting

Linksys is one of the best American brands when it comes to manufacturing networking hardware products. The products sold by this company are usually made for small firms or home use. Considering this, the routers provided by Linksys are among the best devices available to people nowadays. These routers provide their consumers with top speeds and the best performance.

Although, some Linksys users might sometimes complain about the problem that their router keeps rebooting. This can be quite frustrating for them as they are unable to use their internet connection. If you also happen to run into this issue then here are a few ways you can fix this.

How To Fix Linksys Router Keeps Rebooting?

  1. The power adapter might be loose

The power adapter that is currently connected with your router and the power socket might be a little loose. This is a pretty common error and can be easily resolved. To fix this, start by switching off your socket. This is to make sure that there is no electric current passing through the power cable.

After this, remove the cable from both the router as well as the outlet. Now carefully proceed to connect this cable back again firmly and make sure that it isn’t loose and does not move.  Turn your switch back on and your router should be able to work absolutely fine without restarting now.

  1. Faulty Power Outlet

The power outlet that you are using to connect your router might have become faulty or loose. This can be because of several reasons. For instance, there isn’t enough electricity being supplied to the socket. Additionally, the springs inside your outlet might have also become a little less stiff. This makes the socket loose and the connected adapter keeps getting disconnected from time to time.

To check if that is the case with your socket, unplug your router. Afterward, try connecting your device to some other socket available and see if that fixes your issue. In the same way, you can also try using an adapter on your other power socket to make the connected plug tight.

  1. Change Power Supply

Sometimes people run into problems with their power supplies. This can be one of the reasons for getting this error. Your current power supply might have just gone bad. Similarly, if you bought the router from an unofficial store then they might have sold you a power supply that was not sufficient with your current device. This means that there is not enough current supplying to your router which might be causing your device to keep rebooting.

This can easily be fixed by checking the power requirements of your Linksys router by opening up their website. Then searching for the specifications of your router to check how much electric current is needed. Proceed to order a power supply that matches the power needed by your router. After you receive your new power supply, plug it in with your router and turn it on. It should now be able to run without any fault.

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