5 Ways to Fix Spectrum 5GHz WiFi Not Working

spectrum 5ghz wifi not working
spectrum 5ghz wifi not working

In this fast-moving world, all you need to keep up with it is a fast working internet connection. Spectrum 5GHz presents you with the blazing-fast internet services which is exactly what you need. However, there have been found a number of people reporting about their Spectrum 5GHz Wi-Fi not working as it should. Therefore, in this article, we have come up with some easy to do steps that can help you solve your speed issues and other internet problems as well.

Why Speed Test Is Important? 

If you feel like there might be some problem with your internet but you are not quite sure what’s the issue, Go take a speed test! This will confirm that the issues you’re facing are either related to your internet speeds or your device. You can run a Spectrum Speed Test and determine why your photos are taking forever to upload.

What you can do is connect your computer to your internet modem using an Ethernet cable to run a speed test. For this, you need to

  • Download any Wi-Fi speed testing application or software on your device.
  • Disconnect all the other devices from the internet router.
  • Now, open the application on your device and run a speed test.
  • Check both, upload as well as download internet speeds.
  • Monitor the results and compare the speeds with your current plan’s range.

If the speeds are not according to the given details in your plan, then you must know slow speeds are the reason your Spectrum 5GHz Wi-Fi is not working.

How to Troubleshoot Spectrum 5GHz WiFi

Following troubleshooting steps can assist you in solving your Spectrum 5GHz WiFi problems. Take a look at all these methods and see if you can resolve your speed issues using the given instructions and guidelines. There are several different factors that influence your Spectrum 5GHz Wi-Fi speeds and each one comes with a separate way to tackle it.

1. Competing Number of Devices:

If your speed test shows that your internet is working fine when you’ve disconnected all the other devices, retake the test without disconnecting any device. The more devices are connected to your Spectrum 5GHz Wi-Fi, the more internet bandwidth each device will compete to use.

Obviously, you cannot stop using the Wi-Fi as it destroys the sole purpose of having the Wi-Fi at home. What you can do to solve the device competition is to try limiting the device number on your router or internet modem. This will solve your speed issue as well as the disconnection problem. Say if you out a limit of 4 devices at a time, then all four devices cab enjoy a faster better working internet connection without facing any trouble.

  1. Damaged Devices

If your device is somehow broken or if it is damaged internally, it will cause unknown troubles by making unnecessary network requests. You won’t be able to use your Spectrum 5GHz Wi-Fi data properly and then soon you’ll be left with absolutely nothing but your damaged device.

  1. Older Devices

If your device is old, it might be using an older or outdated wireless technology. This makes your device incompatible with your internet so it affects the performance negatively and in some cases, it even disturbs the network of all of your devices.

  1. Router Distance

Your device is supposed to be only best 125 feet away from the routine device to get the best Wi-Fi signals. Therefore, by moving the device closer to your internet router, you might be able to improve your Spectrum 5GHz Wi-Fi speeds.

  1. Interfering Obstacles

There are a number of obstacles that interfere with your internet signals and sometimes even cause your network data to get lost somewhere in between the source and the destination. So, it is best to place your WiFi router in the most central spot in your home, away from all the electrical or material barriers.


So, what to do when is your Spectrum 5GHz WiFi not working? Simply just follow these instructions. If your internet speed issues remain unsolved after using these tips, you can try to restart your internet router or call your internet service provider for help.

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