Does WiFiBlast Increase Internet Speed? Answered

does wifiblast increase internet speed
does wifiblast increase internet speed

Getting a good Wi-Fi service with a top speed is important, but having a good range and connectivity is equally imperative. We often see that certain rooms or corners of our homes and offices have little to no signal, which results in constant lag and slow internet speed.

We have heard so many complaints from people about slow speeds and weak signals, but we have also seen a rather similar question being raised by people; Does Wifiblast Increase Internet speed? Therefore, in this article, we’re going to answer this question of yours with proper details and facts.

Wi-Fi Blast:

Basically, what is the Wi-Fi blast? Wifiblast is an adapter that enhances the performance and working time of your Wi-Fi connection through strengthening the internet signals that it sends out.

This innovative technology incorporated in the Wifiblast adapter proves to be very helpful in boosting the speeds of your internet connection. The technology is so advanced that once you start using it, you’ll see that it not only pushes your internet to work faster but also extends the range of your connection. Furthermore, the device is not complicated but very convenient for usage and it is found to be pretty compatible will all types of internet services.

Does WiFiBlast Increase Internet Speed?

Internet service providers usually promise to provide you with the best services yet they tend to ‘throttle’ your internet bandwidth. This means that they slow your internet connection down on purpose to allocate more users and save themselves the trouble of buying more networking coverage towers. This way you pay a lot more for the internet services than you get to useless.

However, Wifiblast is an amazingly easy way of saving yourself from being deceived by your ISP. It prevents them from throttling your internet connection by keeping the internet at the given maximum bandwidth. This way, the ISPs won’t be able to tamper with your Wi-Fi connection speeds.

How Wifiblast Help You?

Wifiblast helps you in many ways. You might run out of fingers if you start counting the benefits of using Wifiblast on your hand. But let’s give it a try. Firstly, it straight out boosts your internet speeds. It amplifies your internet connection. It maximizes signal transduction. This way, it saves your precious time.

Furthermore, it extends the area of coverage so you can comfortably use your internet connection widely. It also saves you from being robbed by your ISP. With the help of Wifiblast, you get to experience a better working internet connection. You can also enjoy gaming without facing any game lags. It also saves the hard-earned money that you pay for the internet services and still get a throttled internet.


So, “Does Wifiblast increase internet speeds?” The simple answer would be YES. We recommend you to try for it yourself and see if it suits your requirements.

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