Why Google Speed Test Slow? (4 Fixes)

why google speed test slow
why google speed test slow

There are tons of speed tests over the internet that you can use to check the network speed of your connection. These speed test websites transfer files over your internet connection to evaluate upload, download speeds, and ping on your network. If you are facing some issues with slow speed on any application, the first thing to run is a speed test to diagnose the issue.

Sometimes, Google Speed Test can show you drastically slow speed test results that would leave you worried. It is the optimal practice to try with multiple speed tests to ensure authenticity as different websites have different methods to test the speed of your network. Now, it brings up two scenarios.

Why Google Speed Test Slow?

Speed Slow on Google but fast on other Speed Tests

If you have tested your internet speed on google speed test and any other speed test and you feel a drastic variation between the numbers, there is nothing to worry about. The reason behind this difference is that google uses only one network thread to transfer the data and other speed tests might be using multiple threads. This could cause the difference between speeds and you will be left surprised.

Speed Slow on all Speed Tests including Google

If you have tested your speed on all speed tests and you are getting slow speed, there are several reasons behind this and you need to check all of them to ensure getting a faster speed.

1. Check the number of devices

If you are using a Wi-Fi network, you need to check the number of devices that are connected to your Wi-Fi. The number of devices is inversely proportional to the internet speed, so you need to keep an eye on that. You can disconnect any additional devices to ensure that you are getting the fastest speed of the internet on your device that you are using.

2. Disable VPN

Since VPNs are masking your IP over a third-party server, they can cause a drastic decrease in your internet speed. You will need to ensure that there is no VPN enabled while you check the speed of your internet on google or any other speed test. You will see a significant change in speed after disabling the VPN and this will most of the time solve the problem for you.

3. Check Network Settings

Sometimes your network settings can be restricting the speed on your network. The right method to check internet speed would be to plug the ethernet cable directly into your PC and then test the speed. If it is fine there, you need to check speed settings on your Wi-Fi router and make sure it is not restricting the speed.

4. Contact Your ISP

If none of the above is working for you and you are constantly getting slow speed issues and seeing very low speeds on Google Speed test, you need to contact your ISP and they will be able to look into the issue deeper for you and ensure that there are no issues that can reduce your speed.

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