Not Getting 100Mbps With Spectrum: 6 Fixes

not getting 100mbps spectrum
not getting 100mbps spectrum

Users pay lots of money to their broadband services for getting their chosen internet speeds. However, it is quite upsetting that they mostly don’t get the speeds they pay for. Speaking of Spectrum, it is one fine brand that provides internet services quite efficiently. These days the users of Spectrum are facing some real issues regarding the internet speeds.

Most of the Spectrum customers have pledged their complaints that they are not getting 100mbps speeds. Instead, they are getting some 50mbps or even less. In this article, we have provided definite reasons for the speeds not matching your opted speeds and ways to fix the speed issue. Stay with us to have a clear insight into this issue.

I am Not Getting 100mbps With Spectrum. Why?

Spectrum is a popular brand name for some top-notch internet facilities. Millions of users in America get benefited from their fast internet services. However, things aren’t quite smooth with Spectrum anymore. Why? Because the users aren’t getting 100mbps speed as they are promised to have. We will tell you why.

The first thing that would need to check is with whom you are sharing your Spectrum internet connection. Sometimes, sharing it with too many people attacks your overall internet speed due to load on bandwidth which is why you never get sufficient internet speeds.

Secondly, due to poor optimization of the ISP speed, your selected speeds sometimes dropdown. Wireless connections are too most of the time causing your actual internet speed of 100mbps to be exceptionally low.

It is quite disappointing but 50% chances are that your internet service provider is keeping the speeds aside and not giving you the actual instead of your commitment at the time of installing the Spectrum broadband.

Can I fix this speed issue? You definitely can. Here are some quick steps for you to finally make your way towards the fix.

You Can Get Your 100mbps With Spectrum. Here Is A Fix!

Several hurdles come in your way of getting speeds you actually deserve. We have discussed half of them already. Here are some troubleshooting ways that can help you get 100mbps speed with Spectrum:

  1. Run A Speed Test:

Your slow internet is not always due to the speeds. Sometimes, the main server is down which is why you keep failing to get the speeds. Perform a speed test with your Spectrum broadband to confirm the issue. Keep the record of results and match them with the 100mbps.

  1. Contact Your Internet Service Provider:

If your resulted speeds do not happen to match 100 Mbps or the speeds that you opted for, immediately contact your ISP. They will resolve the rest of the issue.

  1. Keep Your Internet Browser Updated:

If your internet speeds remained 100 Mbps but still you are unable to get them promptly on your device. Then there are chances that you are using outdated internet browsers. Make sure you update the latest version of the browser that maximizes your opted internet speeds.

  1. Relocate Your Spectrum Modem/Router:

Sometimes your internet providers aren’t cheating but it is your router or modem that is poorly placed due to which signals do not reach its destination quite clearly. Make sure you place your modem near your connected devices or at least at the highest place.

  1. Upgrade Your Spectrum Router:

You won’t be getting complete 100mbps speeds because your router is not compatible enough to give you such high speeds anymore. Make sure to upgrade your router each a Spectrum broadband launches a new one.

  1. Protect Your Spectrum Broadband With Strong Password:

Your irresponsible behavior can push you into a lot of trouble. Save your broadband with a strong network password. Besides keeping your internet network safe from unknown people, doing so would influence your internet speeds and you would be able to get back to using 100 Mbps.


The issue of not getting 100mbps speed with Spectrum is quite normal as several factors come in your way of getting actual speeds—the speeds that you have opted for at the time of Spectrum’s broadband installation. Although, we have you covered. The above-mentioned ways are tested to help you get your speed problem resolved.

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  1. I have Spectrum modem and my own netgear AC1000 router. I supposed to get around 300 mbps, but I am actually getting less than 100 mbps. My router is one year old. The tech person telling me the issue with my router.

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