Sony Bravia TV Shuts Off By Itself: 6 Ways To Fix

sony bravia tv shuts off by itself
sony bravia tv shuts off by itself

Those of us who love to watch our favourite shows, or to chill out whilst binging through the latest releases, will invest in the best TV that we can afford within our budget. It’s important, having made this purchase, that the equipment performs as well, with a good range of functionality offering all the latest up to date features.

Sony Bravia TV is one of the bestselling sets with excellent reviews. However, some users have found themselves frustrated when their Sony Bravia TV switches itself off.

There can be a few simple reasons why this might happen, along with a few easy fixes which we will explore below. Hopefully, if you are experiencing this issue, we can fix it. We will try our best to find you the right solution!

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How To Fix The Sony Bravia TV Shuts Off By Itself

1. Cables


The power cables allow the electrical signal to pass from the socket to the TV set, so if there is a break in this circuit it is inevitable you will experience issues. The main reasons for this can be a fault within the cable itself.

This may not even be visible from the outside – but that doesn’t mean the fault doesn’t exist. The break may be inside with the casing fully intact and appearing to be in perfect condition. That said, sometimes it is simply a matter of the connections not being secure.

Start by checking the connection where the cable goes into the back of the TV set. If this is secure, work your way backwards towards the power socket being sure to firmly secure all connections.

If you are using an adapter or extension socket, it is worth removing this from the circuit and plugging directly into the socket – in-case the extension is the issue. If the issue still persists after you have checked all connections are secure, then it may be worth investing in a new cable to see if this fixes your problem.

2. Power strips/Surge protectors

Power strips Surge protectors

It’s fully understandable that you should want to protect your beloved electricals, including your Sony Bravia TV. For this reason, many people utilise a surge protector or power strip to try and prevent any damage.

Unfortunately, by the nature of the way they work, they can actually prevent power from reaching your device. If you are using one, then disconnect it and plug your TV in directly to the power source and you should find your problem goes away.

3. Your power outlet

Your power outlet

Although not such a common issue, it is entirely possible that you have developed a fault within the power outlet that you are using for your device. For this reason, our next suggestion would be to plug your Sony Bravia TV into a different outlet and see if this resolves the issue.

If it does, then you know you will need to get an electrician to attend to your faulty socket. Avoid using it in the meantime.

4. Firmware/Software

The firmware used by your Sony Bravia TV is what creates the interface for your TV. It is responsible for the functions of the device and also delivers other features. If your firmware is out of date this can create problems, including the TV switching itself off.

The firmware updates are made available for you to install via the settings menu. However, if you have any issues, you can also check on the Sony website where you can find a fully detailed description of how to perform an update.

There is a full catalogue of how to guides and you also have the option to use the chatbot if you have further problems. Once your firmware is fully updated, the functions of your TV should be operating as normal, and your issue should be resolved.

5. Remote sensors

Remote sensors

When your TV is controlled via a remote control, there can be issues caused by the remote transmitting signals on its own, either constantly or intermittently. You have two options; one is to remove the remote to a distance far enough away that the signals cannot be detected by the TV, the other is to cover the sensor to stop the transmission of the signal. If either of these solves your problem, then you know it’s a faulty remote control and it’s time to get yourself a new one.

6. Extra devices

If you have multiple devices connected to your Sony Bravia TV, then there is every possibility they could be causing a disruption to the signals. Disconnect all other devices, and if this resolves your issue, then you know the reason for the auto switch off.

If none of the solutions above resolve your issue, then it would indicate there is possibly a more serious fault and your next port of call would be to speak with Sony directly. Be sure to let them know all of the solutions you have already tried and whether any made a difference. This may help them identify your issue more quickly.

5 thoughts on “Sony Bravia TV Shuts Off By Itself: 6 Ways To Fix”

  1. Have been trying to power on my Tv after it shutted of itself but cannot. It turns on for like 1 second then powers off, it does that for like three times then power off officially with the red lights still on. Kindly help fix this asap.

  2. I’ve been having issues with my Bravia TV for a couple of years; every few months or more it’ll shut off. I will do every reset in the book and may have issues with it going on/off; then after a few days, it’ll suddenly start working again for several months. So wierd. Bought out in 2018 and only watch it for a few hours a day so unsure what the deal is

    • Not that I can help but we’re going through the same thing! We also bought ours in 2018. We’re done all the troubleshooting & resets. It’s not overused since it’s just 2 of us and we work all week. Can’t seem to get help.

  3. My TV comes on in the middle of the night and displays images of fire and demons. When I try to change the channel, every channel shows the same thing. My wife doesn’t wake up when I try to show her and she doesn’t believe me when I tell her what happened. Of course, the TV works fine during the day, so I can’t replicate the issue when trying to show a service technician. Resetting the TV hasn’t fixed the problem. Do you think this is a signal interference issue, or should I try to update the firmware?

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