Samsung TV Won’t Turn On, No Red Light: 9 Fixes

samsung tv wont turn on no red light
samsung tv won’t turn on no red light

Samsung TVs are essential for everyone who needs an optimal TV experience. That’s to say because Samsung adds high-end features and top-notch graphics with the TVs. So, if Samsung TV won’t turn on, no red light issue is bugging you, we can help you fix the issue. In this article, we are sharing information about the meaning of this light and easy fixes!

Samsung TV won’t Turn On, No Red Light – What Does It Mean?

When there is no red light switched on the Samsung TV and it’s turning on, there are chances that your TV is not getting the power. So, the troubleshooting methods for this issue will be pretty simple, such as;

1) Press Buttons

In some cases, the TV is actually switched and the screen has gone blank that gives the idea of the TV not switched on. So, we suggest pressing different buttons on the screen except for the power button, and if something appears, it means the TV has blank screen issues. For this purpose, you will need to call the technician because troubleshooting cannot fix this problem.

2) Outlet Change

We have already mentioned that the issue is basically because of the power issue. So, you need to remove the power cord for around one minute and change the outlet. The outlet must be working properly. This is highly likely to fix the issue because the TV might not switch on because there is a power outlet issue. In addition, if you were using the surge protector, it is advised to take it off.

3) Power Cables

When it comes down to the switching on issue, you need to check the power cables because if the power cables aren’t working at their best, the TV won’t switch on. The cables must be free of fraying and other damages because they can impact the electric passage. In addition, you need to use the right cables. To begin with, you need to use the HDMI cables because it promises a streamlined connection. In addition to damages and fraying, you need to ensure that the cables are securely plugged into the ports and outlet.

4) Power Reset

If the TV is not switching on and the light is still not there, we suggest opting for the power reset. For power resetting the Samsung TV, remove the power cable from the TV as well as the power outlet. Once you remove the power cable, wait for around thirty seconds and insert the cords again. Then, switch on the TV and the screen will be displayed.

5) Power Board

In case the TV is not switching on, there are chances that the relay has fused out. To check this issue, you will need to take off the backside and check the relay. When you touch the relay, it will spark a bit and switch on the TV. While working with the relay, make sure to use the screwdriver or plastic equipment because it has a current.

6) Extra Devices

If your Samsung TV is connected to the HDMI devices or gaming consoles, the TV might not switch on. Consequently, we suggest that take out the power cords from the consoles and extra devices. This happens when you don’t switch off the consoles through the ports. Once you properly switch off these consoles, the TV will switch on.

7) TV Remote & Windows

Well, this might sound silly but have you pondered over the idea that the IR window might be blocked? This is because when the IR window is blocked, it will not receive the signals from the controller, it won’t switch on. So, we suggest standing away from the IR window. In addition, you need to make sure that the remote controller’s batteries are working fine. You can try changing the old batteries with a new one and switch on the TV!

8) Servicing

In case the outlet changes and power cable changing didn’t work out the issue and the TV is not switching on, calling the Samsung tech support is better. This is because they will send the technician your way and will be able to fix the issue.

9) Voltage

If nothing is working out and the Samsung TV won’t switch on, there might be a voltage issue because TVs demand specific voltage count. You can check the voltage prerequisites in the TV manual and check on the power board. If the voltage is not optimal, all you need to do is wait and let the electricity voltage come around.

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