How To Remove Devices From My AT&T Wi-Fi?

how to remove devices from my at&t wifi
how to remove devices from my at&t wifi

People all around the world use the internet in their homes. This is because the service has now become more of a necessity. While you can use this for entertainment, many features can help you out with your work. This includes the ease of sharing files between different devices. Additionally, the ability to make backup files of your data on cloud storage.

While keeping these requirements requires additional payment, the numerous features that you are provided with make up for it. Aside from this, one important thing that you should look out for is what ISP you are choosing. This is essential because the features of your internet service depend on the ISP you will select. There are also tons of options that you can go for which can make the choice harder for some people.


AT&T is an American telecommunications company that provides people with IPTV services. These include telephone connections, the internet as well as cable services. There are numerous packages that you can select between when choosing a connection.

Additionally, the features on each of these are different which is why you should carefully check the details of your package. Once you are done with this, you can select the service you want along with your subscription to get started.

While most areas can get the company to send in someone from their support team to set up the devices. You can also set these up yourself. Even if you are having any issues then the manual provided by AT&T contains all the information required. There are also tons of video guides online that you can consult but make sure that you type in the model of your device. This is because the different routers from AT&T all have different procedures.

How to Remove Devices From My AT&T Wi-Fi?

After having an internet connection at your home. You must keep it maintained. This will help in both preventing the device from running into problems as well as ensure that you get the best speeds possible.

However, when checking your network, some people might notice a device that they are unfamiliar with. Alternatively, there might be a device on your network that you want to be removed. For both these cases, people question if it is possible to remove devices from their AT&T Wi-Fi.

The simple answer for this is ‘yes’. You can easily disconnect any device that you want from your network and even remove it permanently. Though, keep in mind that the user can connect back to your router if they know your login credentials.

This is why before trying to remove the device make sure that you change your credentials as well. This will ensure that the same device does not appear on your connection again. Getting to how you can remove devices from your Wi-Fi router.

Start by visiting your IP address, alternatively, you can also open your router settings. This will ask you for your login credentials. Keep in mind that the username and password for your network and router login are not the same.

If you had not changed your router’s credentials then these should be set to ‘admin’ by default. You can log in using these, in case they do not work, make sure that you had typed them in lower case letters. If you properly follow all these steps, then you will be prompted to your router’s settings. Select ‘Diagnostics’ from here and then proceed to click on ‘Resets’.

You can select the option labeled as ‘Clear Device List’ to move all the devices connected to your AT&T Wi-Fi. On the other hand, you can click on ‘Attached Devices’ on the settings page to find all the systems connected to your network. You can then manually remove the ones that you do not want from here.

As mentioned before, changing the password is essential if you are removing a device that has your password saved on it. Luckily, you can change the credentials of your router from these settings as well. Just make sure that you do not change a configuration file that you were unaware of. These can get your connection to run into problems in most cases.

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