Magnavox TV Won’t Turn On, Red Light On: 3 Fixes

magnavox tv wont turn on red light on
magnavox tv wont turn on red light on

If you are thinking about purchasing a new television then you should note that many companies manufacture them. The features that you get along with their services depend on them. This is why you must go through the specifications of these products when you are deciding on choosing one.

This will help you in getting the best television for your usage and it should also last you a long time. One of the best companies that you can go for is Magnavox. They have great TVs but you can still get some problems with them. One of them is the Magnavox TV won’t run on while the red light is on. If you are getting this as well then, this article should help you in getting rid of it.

Magnavox TV Won’t Turn On, Red Light On

  1. Reset Your Device

The first thing that you should do is reset your device. This will bring it back to its factory default settings. This should delete any changes that you had made to the files and should most likely fix the problem for you. The process for it might differ slightly depending on the model of TV you are using. So, it is better that you consult the official manual provided to you.

It should also guide you throughout the process so that you do not have any other troubles. If you have lost the manual then a copy of it can be downloaded from the official website of Magnavox. Although, make sure that you enter the exact model of device that you are using. Start by disconnecting all the wires from your television.

This includes any devices that you might have connected. You can then hold down the power button on your TV for a few minutes. This will start resetting the files on it, you can then let it rest for about 10 to 15 minutes. Make sure that you do not power it up during this time. You can then finally proceed to switch on your device and check if it works.

  1. Check Wires

The wires on your television might have come loose. This is a really common issue and you can check it by connecting the wire again. Make sure that it is firm and does not move around. If it does then you will have to either use an alternate outlet. Or you can even use an adapter on the plug which will make the connection tighter for you.

  1. Contact Customer Support

If the problem persists then contact the customer support for Magnavox instead of trying to troubleshoot the device any further. This is because the problem might be a technical one that can be hard to pinpoint. The company should be able to identify the root of this issue and fix it for you. Usually, the warranty provided by them lasts up to 2 years which can be claimed any time after the purchase. This helps in getting a replacement and repairs for most problems like these.

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