Dynex TV Won’t Turn On, Red Light On: 3 Fixes

dynex tv wont turn on red light on
dynex tv wont turn on red light on

Having a television is a great thing for people who enjoy watching movies and shows. These devices act as a source of entertainment and you can even access different services on them. Although, you should note that the features on your television will depend on the model that you go for. This includes having Smart TV options or getting a standard version.

However, in the end, what matters is your usage. This is why you should select a product that best suits your needs. Dynex is a famous manufacturer of televisions. Although, some users have reported that they have been getting a problem with their device. This is that their Dynex TV won’t turn on even while the red light is on. If you are getting this error then this article should help you in getting rid of it.

Dynex TV Won’t Turn On, Red Light On

  1. Check Adapter

One of the first things that you can check when you get this problem is the adapter on your television. The problem usually indicates that there is an issue regarding the current your device is receiving. Considering this, if the adapter on your television has become damaged, then you will most likely get this issue. Try to replace your current adapter with a new one.

You can easily swap these by simply disconnecting the wires. Many stores have new adapters available. Although, one thing to note is that the power requirements are the same for the wire. This will help in preventing any further issues on your television.

  1. Loose Wire

Sometimes the switch that you are using to connect your TV can start to come loose with time. This can be annoying but you should remember that these outlets use small springs in them. These start to lose their elasticity with time and will eventually get loosen up. There are only two ways to fix this problem. One of the is to replace your entire outlet with a new one.

Alternatively, in some cases, simply using an adapter can help in fixing the problem. However, in case of replacing the outlet, it is better to contact a technician. This is because changing these on your own can be difficult and dangerous. A technician should be done with these in no time.

  1. Faulty Board

If your problem persists then the board on your television has most likely become damaged. If this happens then the only way to get your board repaired is by contacting the company. However, if your device falls under warranty then you should have no problems with the repair. But if it does not then you will have to contact Dynex beforehand.

Mention them about your issue and ask if the company can provide a replacement. In most cases, if your device is an older one then you will have to purchase a new one instead. This is because the company has stopped manufacturing the parts for their older devices. Consequently, you will have to get a new television if your old one is irreparable.

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