What Is The Difference Between Verizon Store and Best Buy?

difference between verizon store and best buy
difference between verizon store and best buy

Are these names familiar to you? Do you shop regularly through one of these stores or maybe even both? Are both of them eerily similar to you as a customer? Now, here is the thing. Yes, to some extent, these stores can be considered the same since they are popular retail stores.  Verizon Store and Best Buy are multi-billion dollar companies that are preferred over Amazon and such.

Due to their vast collection of suppliers, both stores have stock of every brand available. But, when you are looking for electronics, you want to be sure that you get the best quality that will last you a suitable time period, correct?

Many customers believe that when you want to invest in electronics, you should go straight to the source or developer. This can turn out to be an advantage for some. However, if we talk about budget-wise, then it might be hurting your wallet. Since stores like Verizon sell their products at full-price. Sometimes, they knock off ten (10) to twenty (20) dollars off your purchase but it is not much or enough when you compare it corporations such as Best Buy, the realization hits you like a bag of bricks.

Best Buy has the name to represent its promise. They are literally called Best Buy. Even before entering the store – online or in real life – you are promised that you will receive the best prices for products that are worth considering. Now, when there is a place that is offering you discounted prices on the same products that Verizon store is selling, why would you even consider it? It’s simple.

Rule of thumb, Best Buy always has the best deals on electronic devices, and usually other commodities to sweeten the pot such as accessories, cables, TVs, and more. But, here’s the catch. Best Buy does not guarantee the quality of its products, unlike Verizon Store. Allegedly, the paperwork and fine print from Best Buy can cause some issues for you its customers in the future.

Customers have reported that they end up a Verizon Store after all this struggle. However, the reason Best Buy can offer the ‘best’ deals is due to them buying wholesale, allowing them to sell the phones at a lower price point and still generate a profit. This usually doesn’t apply to iPhones and Apple’s strict MSRP, but Best Buy usually offers a lot more for the phones.

Clearly there are perks of shopping at Verizon Store. Not only are products available for sale as soon as they are released, but you can also pre-order most electronics to reserve them for yourself. With Verizon Store, there are representatives for your assistance and guidance who are available most of the time. Verizon Store offers additional features for your electronics along with the option of repairing. All in-person haggling seems to be worth it for most customers.

Difference Between Verizon Store and Best Buy

From a financial point of view, it is evident which store is the better option for you and your family. Furthermore, pricing and details play a huge role for customers. Visibly, Best Buy is providing you with more options for products at a low price while still generating revenue and commission for their reps.

On the other hand, if you purchase a commodity from Verizon Store, they have added warranties along with a ‘100 percent guarantee policy’. Additionally, you can take your products to Verizon Store for repair and added accessories such as a protector or a phone case.

While this option seems pricey, it is a safer option. In addition, it is important to mention that the Verizon store offers discounts on different things. It is best to do your research on their discount policy and which ways you can be eligible for discounts.

While these two stores are considered to be of the same kind, it is clear cut that there is a major difference between them.

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