Samsung Smart TV Web Browser Not Working: 5 Fixes

samsung smart tv web browser not working
samsung smart tv web browser not working

Samsung Smart TVs are preferred by everyone because it’s Samsung (yes, it’s a reason enough). Their smart TVs are actually great since they come with a variety of smart features, and a web browser is one of them.

With the web browser, the users can use the laptop, PC, and smartphone for browsing the internet just like on any other device. The users are complaining about the Samsung Smart TV web browser not working, and we are here with the solutions.

Samsung Smart TV Web Browser Not Working

1) Reboot

In the first place, you have to reboot the Samsung Smart TV. The TV can be rebooted by keeping the TV unplugged for at least two minutes. After two minutes, connect the TV to the power outlet again, and it’s likely that the web browser will start working.

2) Factory Reset

If the rebooting isn’t working for fixing the web browser issue, you have to choose the factory reset. The Samsung TV can be reset by following the instructions outlined in the section below;

  • First of all, open the settings on your Samsung TV and move to the general tab
  • From the General tab, hit the reset button (you will need to add the PIN, so just enter 0000 in there)
  • Press the reset button, and it will ask for confirmation
  • Press the OK button, and the TV will be reset

When you give confirmation, the Samsung TV will be rebooted automatically. Also, the TV will switch on, on its own, and the web browser will start working.

3) Smart Hub

If you think the factory is a far-fetched idea and are using Smart Hub, you have to reset the Smart Hub. The Smart Hub can be reset by following the guidelines mentioned below, such as;

  • The first step is to open the settings on Smart Hub and move to the support tab
  • From the support tab, open the device care option and tap on self diagnosis
  • In the self diagnosis option, click on the reset Smart Hub button, and it will be reset

4) Software Version

The software version of the Samsung Smart TV has to be the latest to ensure there are no issues in the functionality. In case the web browser is not working, you have to check for the software version. Samsung is known for pushing regular updates for the smart TV, and you must install them quickly. The software update can be checked through the settings.

However, if you cannot download the software update from the settings, you will have to download it manually. When the software is updated, you can switch on the Samsung Smart TV and try using the web browser again.

5) Internet Connection

If changing the settings and installing the software doesn’t work, there are chances of internet connectivity issues. The internet connection must be strong enough to ensure that the web browser is working without any errors. In the first place, you can reboot the internet modem because it will strengthen the internet signals. While you are rebooting the modem, ensure that the modem is switched off for at least five minutes.

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