Does The TV Slow Internet Connection? (Explained)

does the tv slow internet connection
does the tv slow internet connection

Does The TV Slow Down Internet Connection?

TVs used to be the only source of entertainment that people could avail while the internet was not that common but now, as time passes, the internet has marked itself the top most important thing. As far as TVs are concerned, there used to be certain timings of certain shows that we would eagerly wait for but now we have smart and plasma TVs that have a direct connection with Wi-Fi. We could miss the show yet still be able to watch them as per our want and mood. It has really made things easier.

We can now, easily be done with all our work and priorities then lie down and watch whatever we want to watch on TV on the internet. Does that not sound satisfying? I bet it does! However, there are always some cons with pros and here, the con quite shadows the pros. The worst thing about it is that it slows down the internet’s speed somehow, which we will discuss later here.


In our order to get rid of the trouble, we need to troubleshoot first, that is, get to the core of the problem.

1. Limit The Bandwidth:

By limiting the bandwidth on your router to only certain devices, you can detect the change in speed.

2. Disconnect The Internet From TV:

By disconnecting the internet from TV, there will be no questions left to ask whether TV affects the internet speed or not. It will be obvious, it had been slowing the internet speed, and disconnecting TV will eventually increase the internet speed.

3. Changing The Location Of The Router:

If you have placed the router at a dead zone and are blaming the TV for the low internet speed then you need to set your decisions right. Changing the location will actually make it clear if it is the TV or your internet connection.

4. Reboot And Reset Your Router:

Restarting your router, also known as a universal fix, makes a lot of internet issues right. By rebooting, you will know if it is the router, that needs to be fixed or not. Resetting the router means resetting the factory setting and automatically the password. If you are living in apartments, there are more chances that your neighbors are also using your internet connection.

5. Check Your WiFi Consumption:

Ask for details from your internet provider about internet consumption and whether they could find how much has the TV consumed and at what rate.

Ways To Solve:

Here are some that can be useful;

1. Lower The Video Quality While Watching TV:

Whenever you feel like watching TV and have to use other devices too, mostly the best option to lower the video quality. Video qualities are in this order; 480p the lowest then comes 720p, which is better, and for best quality, we switch to 1080p. This will have less effect on the internet’s speed.

2. Connect TV At Night:

When you connect TV at night, there are more chances for your internet not getting slow because most people prefer to sleep at night, which leaves less saturation in the connection.

3. Make Use Of The Wired Connection:

Using an Ethernet cable is quite suitable for this. Connecting the router directly to your device instead of polluting the Wi-Fi signals will actually prove to be better for other devices that are connected to the Wi-Fi.

4. Seek A Better Internet Connection:

If nothing else seems to work, get rid of your internet connection and upgrade, find a better internet connection that will not be affected by TV as such. There are better internet connections.


In this whole article, we have discussed whether the TV has an effect on our internet speed, it turns out it has. Firstly, we did the troubleshooting and found out the core of what could be the reason for the slow internet; we suggested different ways to check the problem because the problem could be in the router as well.

Thereafter we discussed the ways we can be able to minimize the issue and if that does not work, we ended up in a final way, that is,  just change the internet connection and set one up that is up to the TV standard and is not causing problems.

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  1. I have two toshibas and I can stream internet excellent on those with just wifi. I have ethernet hooked up to vizio smart TV but streaming the internet is horrible. It runs about 153kbps
    The Toshibas are around 6600 kbps.

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