Optimum TV Channels Not Working: 4 Ways To Fix

optimum tv channels not working
optimum tv channels not working

Optimum is not only outstanding as a broadband provider, but they have also reached the top echelons in both the telephony and cable TV markets. As an ISP, or Internet Service Provider, Optimum delivers high speeds at prices that rival with top carriers such as Verizon.

Their unlimited internet packages running through fibre carries excellent and ultra-fast signals to both homes and businesses. In the New York area, particularly, Optimum is considered the best option for broadband services, due to its exquisite cost-benefit ratio.

Also, since Optimum does not charge much in equipment fees and they run a no-contract hiring system, their overall value reaches a new level.

Alongside their top-notch broadband services, Optimum delivers bundles for customers who seek good deals for cable TV and telephony as well. Their FlexAbility plan covers all the needs regular customers have for their homes and all in excellent quality.

As per their cable TV services, Optimum offers plans ranging from fifty to four hundred and twenty channels, all including fifteen hours of DVR recordings.

That surely meets the demands of the majority of the working force of the New York area, as many of them look for a way to record the episodes of their favourite TV shows, sports events, amongst others.

Following the thread of the broadband services, there is no contract, and the fees are extremely affordable, making Optimum an excellent choice.

Ranking fourth in the list of cable providers in the United States and being a Fortune 500 company, Optimum is little by little taking a bigger chunk of the telecommunications market. However, as it has been reported most recently, there is an issue with Optimum TV that is causing some channels not to work.

According to the users, who sought answers in online forums and Q&A communities all over the internet, the issue causes the TV to display an error message saying the channel is not working.

Besides the disappointment, as many users have very little time to enjoy their favourite TV shows, there is also the dissatisfaction of getting back home and finding the DVR recorder showing the error message instead of the intended recording.

Should you find yourself amongst those users, bear with us as we walk you through four easy fixes any user can attempt in order to get rid of this issue. So, without further ado, here is what you can do to see the issue gone for good.04:08

Optimum TV Channels Not Working: How To Solve It?

  1. Check If The Service Is Up And Running

Check If The Service Is Up And Running

First things first, as the cause of the issue might as well not be on your end of the deal. As it turns out, Optimum occasionally programs maintenance schedules and, during those periods, there is a fairly decent chance that the service will be interrupted.

Therefore, prior to attempting all sorts of tricky troubleshooting tips, make sure to check if the company is not performing any maintenance or procedure that could cause the signal not to be transmitted.

Gladly, many carriers and ISPs nowadays have profiles on social media platforms, and they use those profiles to inform clients of possible disruptions in the service due to maintenance, or whatever other reason.

Also, upon subscribing to their services, users are prompted to give an email address, which is regarded as the main channel for information from the company.

So, take a look at your inbox and check their social media profiles before you risk causing any sort of damage to a perfectly functional equipment by attempting to troubleshoot problems with it.

  1. Give The Set-Top Box A Reboot

Give The Set-Top Box A Reboot

If you are not familiar with the term ‘power cycling’, know it means to do an energy cycle on a device, allowing it to resume operations from a one hundred percent battery status. That is, in fact, an extremely effective manoeuvre to keep the power system of electronic devices in good health.

Although this procedure may sound pretty techy, it can be performed as easily as a simple reboot of the device. So, grab your tech-courage and perform the power cycling on your Optimum boxes.

Bear in mind that, for the procedure to be successful, the main set-top box should be the first to undergo the power cycling procedure. Afterwards, it is highly recommended that the procedure is performed with all the other set-top boxes.

In order to perform a power cycle procedure, simply grab the power cord and unplug it from the power outlet. Then, give it a moment and press the power button, holding it down for at least thirty seconds.

Once the power cycling is enabled, the device should give you some sort of hint, such as a flashing of the LED lights. Finally, just wait for the system to perform the necessary restarting procedures and check if the channels that were not working before are fully functional now.

Even though many experts disregard the rebooting procedure as an effective troubleshoot, it actually is. Not only it will check and most likely solve minor configuration or compatibility errors, but it will also clear the cache of unnecessary temporary files.

In the end, your device will be able to resume its operation from a fresh starting point and that means a greater chance that any sort of issue is solved during the process.

  1. Check The Cables And The Connectors

Check The Cables And The Connectors

As with any other electronic device, or at least most of them, cables and connectors are of utmost importance for their performance. In the case of Optimum TV set-top boxes, it is no different.

Therefore, make sure to check if any of the cables are damaged in any way, such as burning, frays, or even if the signal is not properly reaching the TV due to sharp bends on corners.

Should you identify any sort of damage, or even a sharp bend, do not waste your time trying to repair it, simply head to the nearest electronics shop and get yourself a new one.

Make sure to check with the manufacturer website which brands are recommended, as during the testing procedures of any equipment, efficiency and compatibility are also assessed.

As for the connectors, we strongly recommend that you not only check for possible damage, but also that you redo all connections to ensure they are firmly attached to the correct port. So, unplug all the connectors and plug them back in again to make sure they are properly fastened to the devices.

  1. Make Sure To Contact Customer Support

Make Sure To Contact Customer Support

Should you attempt all the three easy fixes above and still experience the ‘Channel Not Working’ issue with your Optimum TV system, make sure to give their customer support a call.

Their highly trained professional technicians are used to dealing with all sorts of issues and they will very likely know how to help you.

Additionally, should there be any problems with your account, such as defaults or configuration errors, they can inform you and guide you through on how to get them out of the way.

As it has been reported, some users were receiving the transmission of channels that were not on their package, and once the company was informed of the situation, they could act on it.

On a final note, in the event you come across any other easy fix for the ‘Channel Not Working’ issue with Optimum TV, take the time to leave us a message in the comments section.

By doing so, you will be helping our fellow users to get rid of this issue and enjoying the outstanding service that a company such as Optimum can offer.

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  1. I have called optimum, waited for someone to help me and 1 hr later still have same problem. Many channels are out at my house and my boyfriend’s house. It’s so annoying to call and not get any proper help from optimum. That is why I continue to pay the bill and not get the service I pay for.

  2. We have optimum and when we try to watch channel 12 news for the past few days it gives us a message the channel is temporarily unavailable Err-23
    So frustrating when we try to call it goes no where.

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