Optimum Multi-Room DVR Not Working: 5 Ways To Fix

optimum multi room dvr not working
optimum multi room dvr not working

Optimum is one brand that people blindly trust when they want to invest in DVRs and Multi-Room DVR is one such device. The Multi-Room DVRs are used to record content from the same network but on different devices or rooms. However, Optimum Multi-Room DVR not working can be a challenging issue but we have got the solutions for you!

Optimum Multi-Room DVR Not Working

1) Resetting The DVR

When the DVR stops working, the first solution is resetting the DVR. You will be surprised to know that the majority of DVR issues can be resolved by implementing the reset. For resetting the Optimum Multi-Room DVR, you must detach the power cord of the DVR from the electrical outlet and keep it detached for approximately thirty seconds. After these thirty seconds, connect the DVR to the electrical outlet again and test the DVR. If the reboot doesn’t work, we do suggest that you perform the same steps twice to achieve better results.

2) Playback Issues

In several cases, Optimum Multi-Room DVR stops working when there are playback issues. This is because playback issues can really hinder the functionality. At this point, there are several things that you can do, inclusive of;

  • Try to record any available channel on the DVR and see if there is an error message. If you see some error box, consult the manual and follow the troubleshooting method for specific error
  • Secondly, the playback issue can be resolved by rewinding the channel and then start the DVR

3) Hard Drive

It’s pretty obvious that you have to connect Optimum Multi-Room DVR with a hard drive to store the recordings. However, if the hard drive stops working, it can also stop the functionality of the Optimum hard drive. What we suggest is that you replace the hard drive and make sure you are using the compatible one. After changing the hard drive, the functionality of your DVR will be restored.

4) Service Verification

When you’ve to use the features of Optimum Multi-Room DVR, you must verify the service. This is because if the backend service is down, the DVR won’t work. In this case, you must connect with DVR customer support and see if you have access to the DVR services or if the link is down. If there is an issue with the service access, customer support has to verify the services. Moreover, if the link is down, the technical team will fix the issue and the DVR should start working alright!

5) Coax Cable Connection

It’s no secret that your Optimum Multi-Room DVR is connected with the coax cable connections because that’s how you receive the video and audio signals. However, if the DVR isn’t working, it is important to check the coax cable connections. Firstly, you must detach the cables, blow into the ports, and connect them again.

If reattaching the coax cables work, the DVR will start working. On the contrary, if it doesn’t work, simply replace the cables. The cables are pretty economical, so it’s fine to replace them to get back the services. To summarize, if nothing works, call the customer support team for more assistance.

3 thoughts on “Optimum Multi-Room DVR Not Working: 5 Ways To Fix”

  1. Local drive programming recording has been obsolete from Optimum DVRs for years. They only offer “cloud DVRs”, now.

  2. I have 7 boxes and the dvr is not working on any. It keeps saying loading. Then error message ise 800.
    Tried calling but answering machine said they are all busy and then call ended.
    On demand works but we hate commercials. What do we do?

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