6 Ways To Fix Cox HD Channels Not Working

cox hd channels not working
cox hd channels not working

For everyone who is fond of watching TV shows or movies, it’s evident that they like HD resolution. This is because the HD resolution offers better picture clarity. In case you are using Cox and struggling with Cox HD channels not working, we have some ideas that will resolve the issue. Let’s check them out!

How To Fix Cox HD Channels Not Working?

1. Power Cycle

It doesn’t matter which channel is not working and which is fine, you must power cycle the device or cable box. This is because channel issues do occur if you don’t have the right configuration settings set and power cycling can resolve that. For power cycling, just remove the power cable from the cable box and wait for ten seconds before switching it on again.

2. Cables

When you want to access the HD channels, the cables must be working optimally. This is because if the power cycle didn’t work, the cables might be loose. With this being said, look for the cables and ensure they are properly connected to the ports. Secondly, if there are any physical or internal damages to the cable, do opt for the cable replacement. This is an essential point to consider because the damaged cable can adversely impact the signal transmission.

3. Outage

If the cables are alright and you’ve already power cycled the router, it’s a high chance that Cox is going through the service outage. When the service outage incurs, the channels will not be available to anyone in the area. If you have neighbors or friends around the area using a similar service, call them and ask if they can access the HD channels. If they have a similar issue, it’s obvious that there is a service outage. If that’s the case, waiting is the virtue because Cox fixes the issues.

4. Account Settings

Well, if everyone else can access the HD channels and it’s only you who cannot, your account settings must be disrupted. To begin with, there are chances of uncleared bills and dues. You can look at the account and pay the outstanding dues if any. Once the dues are cleared, you will be able to stream and watch the HD channels.

5. Plans

When you are using Cox, you must be using the right plan to access the HD channels. With this being said, call Cox customer support and they will check if you’ve subscribed for the right plan that offers access to the HD channels. If you have already subscribed to the plan with HD access, you could ask them to troubleshoot the account for better access to the HD channels.

6. Input

With Cox, you must be using the correct TV settings and input to ensure you can access the HD channels. For this reason, tap on the input button on the remote control but it might be labeled as to source or TV. Once you press this button, the menu will pop up on the screen, so choose TV from the available options. Once you choose the correct input settings, the HD channels will be available.

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