Optimum Cable Box Not Working: 4 Ways To Fix

optimum cable box not working
optimum cable box not working

When it comes to choosing a cable service, you can’t really do much better than Optimum. They seem to always have the right offer for everyone, no matter what their preferences are.

On top of that, there is minimal messing around. Basically, their stuff is really reliable and will last for a long time before it begins to play up. On top of that, their channels stream at a high quality in terms of picture and sound and won’t set you back all that much cash.

It is for precisely these reasons that Optimum’s subscriber base is showing no signs of dwindling away any time soon. From our perspective, we are big fans of Optimum’s equipment because it is generally really simple to troubleshoot when things eventually do go wrong.

That’s why, when we noticed that there were grumblings about the cable box not working, we knew that there would be a decent chance that it could be fixed from the comfort of your own home. Today, to help you do precisely that, we are sharing our list of troubleshooting tips and tricks. If the issue is only a minor one, these will work for you.

What To Do If Your Optimum Cable Box Not Working?

1. Try resetting it

Try resetting it

Though this may sound far too simple to ever work, you would be surprised at how often it does. What a reset does is allow the cable box a chance to clear out any bugs and glitches that can cause issues if left untreated. Better yet, it is really easy to do. So, before we assume that the problem is all that severe, let’s try this fix first.

To reset your Optimum cable box, all you will need to do is unplug it from its source of power. Then, simply let it sit there and do nothing for a few minutes. Once that time has elapsed, it will be safe to plug it back in again.

With a bit of luck, this will have been enough to have remedied the issue and the device should start working again as normal.

2. Make sure the power outlet is working

Make sure the power outlet is working

Of course, one factor that is vital for making your Optimum cable box function as it should is a solid and unwavering supply of electricity. So, for this fix, we are just going to check that the outlet that it is plugged into is working properly and delivering the power it needs to. Naturally, this goes a little further than just making sure that it is switched on.

Rather than getting into complex diagnostics, we would instead recommend that you take another device or appliance and plug it into the outlet that you are using for the cable box. If this appliance works perfectly well here, you will know that the outlet is fine and that the issue lies somewhere else.

As an added note to this, we would also recommend not using an outlet that has a switch on it. These sorts of devices perform much better when they have a constant and unbroken supply of electricity.

3. Make sure your cables are okay

Make sure your cables are okay

Once you have reset the device and made sure that it has a decent supply of power, the next thing to check is that all of your cables are in good condition. When cables get too worn or damaged, they are no longer able to transmit information at the same rate they once could. Unfortunately, they really don’t last forever.

So, the first thing we need to check is that all of your cables are connected as tightly as they can be. This applies to the HDMI, the power cord, and the input cable. Once you have ensured that these are all connected as well as they can be. The next step is to check for obvious signs of wear and tear.

To do this, you will need to check along the length of each one and make sure there is no fraying or weak spots. If you notice any of these signs, the only thing to do is replace the offending item immediately. Of course, once you have made any changes (even just tightening the connections), you will need to reset the cable box again.

4. Get in touch with customer support

Get in touch with customer support

Unfortunately, if none of the above fixes have worked for you, this would indicate that the problem is more serious than we initially would have anticipated. Of course, there are further actions you could take.

But these require a high level of expertise and will risk damaging your equipment. It is best not to risk it.

Instead, we would recommend that you get in touch with customer support. The first thing that you should be asking is whether or not there is a signal outage in your area. This is also the best possible outcome as it will mean that the problem wasn’t with your box.

It also means that they will likely restore service again very soon. If it turns out that there isn’t an outage in your area, the most likely outcome is that they will send out a techy to have a look.

6 thoughts on “Optimum Cable Box Not Working: 4 Ways To Fix”

  1. I have no video signal on my TV. it happened another time too. what do I do help. my other tv in living room is broken, this is the only tv I’m relying on

  2. Cable box works fine during the day but at night I get an error that says.

    Sorry it looks like there’s a problem playing this video right now
    Please try it again.
    (VID 4)

    I’ve been trying to have this fixed for 4 or 5 months. Called several times and nothing works.

  3. We moved my MIL (81 widow) this week. Optimum came yesterday AM. By evening the box in her bedroom stopped working. This is a nightmare.

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