5 Ways To Fix Blue Ridge Cable Slow Internet

blue ridge cable internet slow
blue ridge cable internet slow

Blue Ridge is one of the most popular telecommunication service providers that is offering its services across North America. They are covering a wide range of services including Cable Internet, WiFi (home), and TV services for you.

You can trust Blue Ridge for its authenticity as they got plans to cover the needs of your complete house without a single worry on your mind. While Blue Ridge is one of the best services, at times you can feel that your Blue Ridge internet might be working slower than usual and you are not able to perform routine tasks as you are supposed to. There might be several reasons behind the slow speed of the internet that you are getting and you can fix it easily by following these steps

Ways To Fix Blue Ridge Cable Slow Internet:

1. Get A Dedicated Cable For Your Internet

Blue Ridge provides a variety of services for you including the Internet, TV, Phone, and other communications for your home. However, they would ask you to get a single cable that can cover all these services for you. That seems like a cost-friendly solution but would not be a perfect choice for you if you intend to use cable internet with Blue Ridge as it may save you some bucks but you will have to compromise on the speed.

To fix this issue, it is recommended that you used a dedicated cable for your internet. The Internet has more traffic than other mediums and if you are gaming or having your work done, a dedicated line will assure that you get more stability and have a faster internet connection with Blue Ridge Cable Internet.

2. Request For A Static IP

Dynamic IP automatically re-routes your IP to the most suitable one and keeps assigning you multiple IPs from a list of available IPs from your Internet Service Provider.

This is a great option to have for WiFi users but if you are using a cable internet connection, you can request Blue Ridge for a static IP address that will not only make your internet connection more stable but will also add to your speed and you can enjoy a better, seamless and faster experience on your Blue Ridge Cable Internet Connection.

3. Check Your Cables And Modem Thoroughly

The issue with cable internet is that it strongly relies on the cables and wires and there are too many components involved. If you are getting slow internet on your Blue Ridge cable Internet, you will need to check all your cables and wires to make sure they are in good condition. This way, you can be ensured that there are no twisted, broken, or damaged cables that might be causing your internet to slow down.

A bad modem can also be the reason for your internet to work slow, so give it a detailed look for any apparent signs of damages and wear or tears. You also need to ensure that both the cables are connected in the right way. The input and output cables should be plugged in the right ports and you need to check the connectors that they are all in their optimal condition with no signs of damage to them.

4. Check The Bandwidth And Speed Settings

Sometimes settings of your modem can also be the culprit, limiting the speed that you are getting on each connection. You can fix this issue by disabling any bandwidth or speed limiters that are on your modem to ensure the fastest speed on Blue Ridge Cable internet.

Not only that, but you also need to consider the fact that there are some settings at your Internet Service Provider’s end and you need to contact Blue Ridge for any assistance.

5. Contact Support

If no other solution is working for you, you will need to contact Blue Ridge Support department and have them diagnose your connection. They are going to look into each aspect thoroughly and will certainly be able to solve the problem for you.

Although, this must be the last step on your troubleshooting checklist as they will take some time to diagnose the issue, and you might need to replace some components on your network to restore the best speed at your Blue Ridge Cable internet connection.

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