Insignia TV No Buttons: What To Do Without The TV Remote?

Insignia TV No Buttons
Insignia TV No Buttons

TVs are one of the most common entertainment devices you can find in homes all over the world.  Because of this, the market is filled with an array of different brands offering you great TV choices and features. With all these different options it can be tricky to pick just one that suits your needs. 

If you are looking for a TV that’s budget friendly but also offers some great characteristics, Insignia TV is definitely a decent choice. They provide a high-quality picture as well as granting access to whichever streaming service you normally use. 

You can pick from a dozen different models of various sizes and other specs. The Insignia brand has grown in popularity and most users agree that you definitely get your money’s worth.

If you take a look at the latest Insignia TV models, you’ll notice that they are missing something – something more than a little important. The new TVs are being designed without any buttons. 

While this is more aesthetically pleasing, it can easily become an inconvenience if your TV remote isn’t working for whatever reason. If this has happened to you, here is what you can do for different models of the TV.

Insignia TV No Buttons – What Can I do To Control It?

Insignia TV No Buttons What Can I do To Control It

Buttons on the Back

Insignia TVs are designed to fit perfectly into your home. They have a very neat, modern look without all the extra buttons you probably rarely use. 

Even though they are trying to reach the same goal with the design and overall minimalistic look of the TV, with less buttons and more screen, some models do have buttons positioned somewhere less noticeable for accessibility purposes. 

So, if the batteries in your TV remote died or you can’t use the remote for some other reason make sure to check the back of your TV. Insignia TVs rarely have buttons on the sides or the bottom of the TV and are usually located at the back of the TV. 

Locating and accessing the buttons can prove to be quite tricky at times, especially if your TV is mounted to the wall. You might even have to unmount the TV. That is why we recommend that you check your TV remote batteries and try changing them before actually using these buttons. 

If you have changed the batteries and your TV still isn’t working then feel free to use these buttons, but keep in mind that it’s recommended that you only use these buttons in case of an emergency.

Buttons Under The Flip Cover

You could be having a hard time finding these buttons because some models of Insignia TVs have their buttons protected by a flip cover. So, in order to find these buttons, you’ll have to make sure to carefully inspect both the bottom and the sides of your TV.

Once you locate the cover, simply open the flip cover and the buttons will be at your disposal. Just make sure you are careful while opening the flip cover as you can easily damage it. Now you can use your TV even if you don’t have a remote. 

Once again, make sure to not overuse the buttons. They are not made to be used continuously over a longer period of time. So, use them only when you don’t have any other choice.

No Buttons Anywhere

Some of the latest models of the Insignia TV don’t have any buttons at all. So, if you’ve found yourself in a situation where you can’t use the remote, there is not much you can do about it. 

The only way you can operate your TV in that case is by using the power button. The button should be located somewhere under the Insignia logo. Keep in mind that by pressing this button you can only turn on or turn off your TV and you can’t change the channels or do anything else. 

There are some models of this TV that don’t have the power button either. If that’s the case with your TV, then there isn’t anything you can do except get a new TV remote to be able to use your TV.

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  1. If my remote is lost and I have no buttons to manually use the input to hook up to WiFi how can I connect a new remote to my tv?

  2. I’m almost positive that you can get a USB OTG cable. “on the go” I’m not sure if you need two, but you actually plug a mouse and keyboard into it

    • I bought insignia fire TV I do not have the remote and stupid me reset factory settings now on the TV comes on it lets me use our universal remote to hit okay for the language and then it goes right to trying to set up the controller that I have but it won’t do it I’m wondering because the power button also is the input button I’m trying to hook up my Xbox 360 don’t really need anything else and by the way I don’t have Wi-Fi so I was looking to just turn the TV on hit the input button and put on the setting that lets me use my 360 the input button will not work at all what’s the best advice you can give me

  3. I have a GE Universal remote and it will not program my Insignia tv.I have tried all of the codes, but still want connect.What should I do?

  4. My Insignia TV control went missing
    I would like to buy a new remote.
    Also the manual is missing.
    It was bought in 2019.
    LED NS400420NA20
    Which remote would work on my TV ?
    Could you please advise.

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