Insignia TV Menu Keeps Popping Up: 4 Ways To Fix

insignia tv menu keeps popping up
insignia tv menu keeps popping up

The TVs are the most-used consumer electronics. It’s basically used for watching movies, and TV shows and Insignia TV is perfect for people on a budget. Still, there are multiple issues, and the Insignia TV menu keeps popping up is one of the issues. For this reason, we are sharing the solutions that will fix the menu pop-up!

Insignia TV Menu Keeps Popping Up

1) Store Demo

In the majority of cases, the menu keeps popping up because of the store demo mode. With this mode, the menus and icons will keep appearing on the screen. So, if you want to get rid of the menu, you have to switch to the home mode. In case you don’t know how to switch to home mode on Insignia TV, you have to open the setup menu and move to the location.

From the location tab, change to home (you can use the right or left arrow keys from the remote for this purpose). Once the home mode is selected, the menu won’t appear on the screen anymore.

2) Batteries

The Insignia remote control needs proper batteries to work. To illustrate, when the batteries are worn out, they will send vague signals, which can also lead to menus popping up. For this reason, you have to change the batteries. It is better to opt for rechargeable batteries, so you can just charge the batteries and insert them into the remote again.

On the contrary, if batteries are charged, they might be loose, which is why it’s sending abrupt signals. That being said, it’s best to remove the cover, take out the batteries, and insert them into the remote again. You’ve to ensure that the batteries aren’t loose.

3) Contacts

If you have the Insignia TV with buttons on the side, you have to check them. For this purpose, push the buttons and see if the menu pops up. If it does, you have to clean the contacts. For this purpose, you have to remove the power connection from the TV and lay it down on the soft surface (the screen must face the floor or surface).

Once the screen is laid down on the surface, remove the screws (they are easy to remove, so don’t worry). After you remove the screws, separate the TV screen from the front edge cover. Then, just clean the contacts and button areas and screw back the TV screen and front edge cover. Now, just plug in the power cable, and we are sure the menu won’t pop up again!

4) Broken Parts

If the Insignia TV has some broken or defective parts, it can result in issues with the power supply or the circuit boards. In addition, you have to check the backlight inverter as well. All these components can be repaired, but it’s suitable to replace them. When these damaged components are replaced or repaired, the menu will not pop up on the screen again.

For this purpose, you can get in touch with the local technicians but ensure that he is experienced and trained to handle your TV. However, if the TV is in warranty, you should call Insignia customer support!

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