3 Ways To Fix Samsung TV Side Buttons Not Working

samsung tv side buttons not working
samsung tv side buttons not working

Samsung TVs are not only great with the software as it gets you a greatly stable and faster experience than most of the options out there but there is a lot more to it. Samsung TVs are also best known for their crystal-clear displays, better audio, and whatnot.

All that hardware is pretty durable and that gets you the perfect experience with your Samsung TVs. They don’t fail you optimally, but if you are facing some sort of problem with the Samsung TV, such as the side buttons might not be working, here is how you can get that fixed up.

How to Fix Samsung TV Side Buttons Not Working?

1. Clean the Buttons

You need to take care of the TV you have and keep cleaning it on regular occasions. However, if you are facing some problems with the side buttons on your TV, you need to clean them with a bit more attention.

You will have to ensure that you are cleaning them properly with a damp cloth or tissue to ensure that there is no dust or moisture stuck in the button that might be causing you to have the problem. You can also use some other cleaners that are used for electronics and that will be just the perfect thing to make it work for you.

2. Reset TV

You might also be facing a problem with your Samsung TV side buttons as there can be some error or bug on the TV that needs to be fixed and that is pretty easy to take care of. So, all you will need to do is pull out the power cord from your Samsung TV and let the TV rest for a couple of minutes.

After that, you can plug the TV back and that will not only reset all the cache and settings on your TV but it will also be fixing all the errors that might be causing you to face trouble on your Samsung TV side buttons and after that, you will be able to make it work flawlessly.

3. Get it checked

Lastly, if there is nothing that has solved the problem for you. You will need to get the TV checked at the Samsung Warranty Center. They will be able to look into the problem that is causing your buttons to not work and not only that, but they will also be coming up with an effective solution that might be repairing the side buttons module on your Samsung TV or replacing that with a new one to ensure that you don’t have to face any such problem again.

Be mindful to not get the TV opened by some unauthorized technician as that will not only be causing you to have your warranty voided, but it can also be dangerous as these electronic appliances can malfunction if not fixed up properly.

So, getting it checked up properly is going to help you out and you will not have to deal with any such trouble afterward at all.

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