How To Use Firestick On MacBook: Is It Possible?

how to use firestick on macbook
how to use firestick on macbook

With all the advances on streaming technology as well as the almost infinite options of apps and devices, the old way of watching cable on your TV has become outdated. Gladly all these new apps and devices still require a TV set, so not all is lost in time.

Amazon TV, Apple TV, Netflix, Disney+ amongst others deliver endless streaming content into any Smart TV, allowing us to enjoy binging sessions until borderline boredom.

That has become the main reason why so many electronic manufacturer customers have decided to step up their home game and get fresh TV sets with newer technologies.

Although it may be expensive to get the latest Smart TV on the market, not everyone is forced to ignore cost-benefit relation. That was exactly the mindset of Amazon upon releasing the Firestick, a device that will bring your common Smart TV to a whole new level of entertainment for quite affordable prices.

For its more attractive prices and the easy connection features, the Firestick has become more and more present in homes nowadays.

The key factor of the Firestick is bringing normal TV sets the content that would only be possible through smart TV apps or connected streaming devices. Also, as the company invested in a user-friendly system, the whole app can be managed from the smartphone you have on the palm of your hand.

How To Use Firestick On MacBook: Is It Possible?

As easy as getting water from the fridge, the Firestick requires a simple subscription to any of its plans, starting from highly affordable twelve dollars, to deliver excellent content to your TV.

Firestick will demand a fast and stable network connection

Amongst the numerous options of packages, there will definitely be one that fits your entertainment demands just like socks on a cold day. Bear in mind though, that, by being an internet-based system, the Firestick will demand a fast and stable network connection, which is still a much cheaper option than purchasing a new Smart TV.

Should you already have a good and reliable internet connection in your home, after deciding which plan suits you better, you are ready to enjoy all the content Amazon has to offer.

Although the manufacturers designed the Firestick to be used with a TV set, some users have been attempting to connect it to laptops on windows or Mac operational systems. This comes in handy when commuting, travelling distances or simply for the lack of a TV set in bedrooms.

Firestick requires a HDMI port

As more and more users attempt this connection, they have been reporting facing the same barrier. As the Firestick requires a HDMI port and most if not all MacBooks lack this type of output, it is simply impossible to connect the device to the laptop.

Nevertheless, while you cannot connect the Firestick to your MacBook, you can always attempt the other way around and connect the Apple laptop to the Amazon gadget.

This will allow you to stream any content you have in the MacBook to the TV set to which the Firestick is connected. Unfortunately, for all the users attempting ways to perform the connection, the HDMI port on the MacBook only works to stream content out of the device, not to receive and display it.

Disregarding the numerous articles out there that promise adapters will work, none of the methods attempted so far were successful, so better ignore them before risking damaging your MacBook or even the Firestick.

On the other hand, connecting the computer to the Firestick has proven efficacious and will allow users to stream all the content accessible on the internet to their TV sets.

you will not be able to enjoy Amazon content on your MacBook

It’s true you will not be able to enjoy Amazon content on your MacBook while commuting or during your trips, but you can still enjoy all Amazon packages offer without having to afford a Smart TV.

The easiest way to perform the connection is to use the mirroring or casting features on both your MacBook and the Firestick to link the computer to the Firestick that is connected to the HDMI port on your TV set.

The whole process shouldn’t take more than a few minutes and you will be able to binge your favourite series or watch that newly released movie through Amazon’s platform.

Bear in mind that neither Apple nor Amazon endorse these alternative attempts of connecting the devices, so do not expect any help from their customer services as you risk damaging your devices.

Rather than aiding you in a failed attempt, they will probably suggest you purchase a new display, should your TV set not allow the mirroring feature of the Firestick.

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