Is It Possible To Connect TiVo Mini To Roamio?

connect tivo mini to roamio
connect tivo mini to roamio

One of the best ways to pass your time during boredom is by watching television. While older cable boxes require a lot of wiring to be set up before you can start enjoying their services. Newer companies have now launched products that are extremely easy to set up.

These only require you to have a stable internet connection. You can then proceed to make up your account and purchase a package on it. These packages range from each other and the channels you will get depend on it. Although, you can easily check out all their specifications and even switch between them whenever you want.


TiVo is a famous company that manufactures devices that you can use to enjoy these channel services. There are several devices that you can purchase from them, All the features present on these devices vary depending on the model that you select.

One of their best devices that you can purchase to access the streaming services is the TiVo Roamio. On the other hand, another great device is the TiVo Mini. Although, the main focus for this device is to provide a hub that you can connect all your other TiVo devices to. These can then all be configured and controlled through the Mini.

Connect TiVo Mini to Roamio

If you are someone who owns both the TiVo Mini and Roamio then you might want to connect these. The company usually provides its users with a complete manual that they can use to set up the Mini. The configuration process for this device is quite simple but if you still have problems regarding it then you can contact the support team. They should be able to guide you through the process.

Now that you are done with configuring your devices, there are mainly three ways you can use to connect your TiVo Mini with the Roamio. These include using your Wi-Fi connection. This is the fastest method and requires no wiring, although if your router is not able to provide signals all-around your house then you can move on to the other steps.

Alternatively, users can also purchase a new router and add it to their modem. This should help in providing a better signal range for your internet.

The other two ways you can connect these devices are either through an ethernet wire or by using the MoCA feature. The MoCA service uses coaxial wires already present in most houses to connect these devices. Though, if you don’t have coaxial wires already set up in your home then you can use an ethernet connection instead.

You can easily purchase the wire online or by going to a computer store nearby you. These wires can be connected easily but you need to follow a procedure to configure its settings.

This can also be simple to follow for most people and you can find complete video guides given all around the internet. Lastly, make sure that your wires are inserted in the right ports when trying to connect the TiVo Mini to Roamio.

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