Verizon Introduces Viewdini for Video Streaming

If you subscribe to Verizon’s 4G LTE network the company recently introduced a video streaming application which encourages 4G customers to use more data by utilizing video streaming on mobile devices.  The service is called Viewdini and provides you with a portal where you can access video streaming from multiple sources such as Hulu, Netflix, and others, except you are able to do it from a single location.  In other words, you can access all of your favorite video streaming resources from one centralized location and then stream your choices to your 4G LTE device through the Verizon service.

How Viewdini Works

Viewdini is an application which simplifies browsing for movies, TV shows, and other online videos using your mobile device.  The new application uses the 4G LTE network to provide faster access to video streaming content from a broad range of locations such as websites, online TV stations, Comcast, Verizon FiOS, Netflix, Dish Online, Hulu Plus, and many of your other favorite locations where you obtain movies and videos.

Once you find the program you want to watch, Viewdini will tell you whether or not it is free or paid prior to downloading.  When you choose the program you want to view you are directed to the location where you can stream the video to your 4G LTE mobile device.

How to Obtain Viewdini

The Viewdini browsing portal for video streaming is available for download through the Google Play Store and is free for subscribers to the Verizon 4G LTE network.  Once you download and install Viewdini from the Google Play Store you can start searching for program titles by genre, actor’s name, and other categorizations.

Viewdini also will tell you which video streaming websites offer streaming for mobile devices plus, it will provide you with programming reviews and suggestions for similar titles which may be of interest to you.  Although you do not have to pay for the Viewdini service there is a cost for the premium video service if you want to view programs using this service.

For example, if you want to view specific videos through Hulu you may have to subscribe to the HuluPlus premium video service in order to access video streaming which is not available through the free Hulu service.  Also, if you use the premium video service it may be necessary to stream the video through the application provided by the video streaming website, such as HuluPlus, as opposed to streaming the video directly from the Viewdini portal.

Other Viewdini Features

In addition to being a portal for locating videos you want to stream to your 4G LTE device, Viewdini also offers information on titles which are currently trending with viewers before providing you with a background on the program.  Before you rent or pay for a movie or video you can read the reviews and look at the ratings for each program which are based on a one to ten rating system with ten being the highest rating.

Viewdini has a user-friendly interface which allows you to search by swiping your finger across the touchscreen on your mobile device and offers an easy-to-understand toolbar at the top of the app screen which provides you with additional navigation features.  Currently, it provides the most comprehensive way to save time when locating videos and TV programs you want to watch on your mobile device.

Viewdini Pros and Cons

Although Viewdini was just released and Verizon is working on further development as well as agreements with video streaming websites, there still are some pros and cons associated with the release of the initial version.

  • Pros:  If you like to engage in video streaming to your mobile device, Viewdini saves you time in finding programs you want to watch.  Instead of searching separate websites you can use the one-stop location to easily browse and search for your favorite movies and videos.  The Viewdini app is free for Verizon subscribers and currently is the most comprehensive video streaming portal to date.
  • Cons:  You can only use Viewdini with a mobile device that is connected to Verizon’s 4G LTE network.   You must also have an Android mobile device of 2.2 or higher to use the Viewdini app.  Also, depending upon your video selection you may be required to subscribe to the premium service for a monthly fee.  If your Verizon subscription contains a data cap, you can easily exceed your limit if you are not paying attention.  Typically, there is an overcharge fee for going over your data limit.

Overall, Viewdini is not a bad application if you want to find and view on-demand video easily.  Again, you must have an Android compatible device to use Viewdini however, if the video streaming website provides viewing on-demand video for a mobile device other than the Android, Viewdini will automatically attempt to find a way to stream it to your Android device as long as the OS is 2.2 or more.

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