Connecting Apple TV To Hotel WiFi: Is It Possible?

connecting apple tv to hotel wifi
connecting apple tv to hotel wifi

If you enjoy watching television then you should note that this usually requires you to own a cable modem. There are mainly two ways that you can use to get access to different channels and shows on your device. This is either through catching on to signals coming to your device from the network towers. Alternatively, you can set up a wired system in your house through coaxial wiring.

Both of these take up a lot of space but unfortunately even after that. The resolution and quality of the picture that you will be provided with will be really bad. This is why companies have now started to manufacture applications and devices that work in different methods.

Apple TV

Apple TV is a service provided by Apple for their users. It works like most streaming platforms that you can use but it is only compatible with the company’s devices. Although, you should note that there are tons of features provided to their users.

Additionally, some shows can only be accessed through this service. The only requirement for people is having a completely stable internet connection. You can then start enjoying the services without much trouble. Though you should note that users will have to purchase a subscription package before they proceed with using their platform.

Connecting Apple TV to Hotel Wi-Fi

If you have already been using Apple TV on your devices, then you should know how fun it is to use it. The features provided to people are amazing and extremely easy to use. Although, if you are traveling around then you might have trouble trying to access the service.

This is why many people wonder how they can connect their Apple TV to their hotel Wi-Fi. There are only two things the user should know about if they want to do this. This includes what the hotel’s service provider is as well as the MAC address for your Apple TV.

Device’s MAC Address

The first thing that you will need to do is to connect your service to the television in your hotel. You can then proceed to open up the settings of your system and then click on the general info about it. This is usually provided under the ‘General’ and then ‘About’ tab.

You can easily read and go through all the specifications of your device from here. Find the MAC address from here which should be labeled as ‘Wi-Fi’ address. This is usually in numeric or alphanumeric values.

Finding Hotel’s ISP

Usually, most hotels provide their users with a contact number if they run into any internet-related issues. In case yours does not, you can ask the hotel for the helpline info. You can then proceed to contact the support number and ask them to verify your

Apple TV by registering your MAC address with the service. They will ask you a few questions to confirm if the data provided is correct.

They will also ask for your MAC address which should take a few minutes to register. You should now be able to enjoy Apple TV services without any problem.

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