Why Does Amazon Block VPN? (Answered)

why does amazon block vpn
why does amazon block vpn

Streaming on various platforms is not a piece of cake in this technological era, which has created the quite disturbing scenario for the locals, i.e. the Amazon streaming keep getting blocked even when the VPN is connected. Amazon Prime is not behind in any term in being valuable enough to prevent access with or without the VPN unless the VPNs are compatible.

When we first notice the block, it is natural to assume that these blockings are led by those streaming providers who are signing licensing contracts to be eligible enough to provide programs to the users. Whatsoever, concerned licensed companies are producing content regionally. That’s why they end up developing the provisions to the contractors that lock streaming providers to block the supply of streaming for some specified geographical regions.

Most of the licensed companies live in the dilemma of their content progressing much efficiently in its native market, translating the most value to add up to their contract.

Therefore, if the viewers who are foreigners begin to quit on these licensed companies’ native markets, then there are the chances of their market value to go down. These companies might suffer in convincing the streaming providers for displaying the prices they are looking for, which drastically decrease their worth.

As far as Amazon is concerned, it is a data-oriented company that has an underwritten assumption which states that each activity that Amazon continues to engage is must have an option to function secondarily while the gathering of the pool of data.

Therefore, by using VPNs, the users are masking their IP addresses. In response, Amazon identifies and tracks them down, gathering enough relevant data to enhance its offerings. With each data loss, Amazon loses its customers too.

Many of the VPN service providers are now offering a unique and individual IP address for their customers along with the extra charges that must be paid along with the VPN cost. In addition to the total VPN cost and the additional charges if your chosen VPN loses to keep the logs, then some enforcing lawful steps involve sharing the single IP address with thousands of random users simultaneously.

Top Three VPNs For Amazon Prime Video:

Not to keep you surprised though there are few compatible VPNs out there which can potentially make Amazon Prime Video work.

Following are the top three VPNs for Amazon:


It is undoubtedly the first choice for Amazon Prime. It is quite reliable in unblocking the Amazon Prime Video, which permits the ultimate access to the content in various countries without any restrictions. ExpressVPN ensures supremely fast streaming connections.


NordVPN is one of that best-budgeted VPN for Amazon Prime Video. Not only Amazon Prime, but NordVPN is also responsible for working on other streaming websites or channels as well. It is exceptionally fast with zero log and robust encryption.


CyberGhost is exceptional with its supremely convincing security as well as the impressive speed. Amazon Prime Video servers notoriously marked it in their App.

Why Does Amazon Block VPN?

Reasons Behind VPN Services Keep Getting Blocked By Amazon:

There are many reasons and ways to find out for Amazon Prime if their users are connected to a VPN or proxy. It has been made possible as new and profound methods have earned their place in the market.

Following are some reasons that let Amazon Prime block out the VPN services for streaming immediately:

With the usage of smartphone or tablet, it is quite hard to unblock the region-locked services such as Amazon Prime as those devices store loads of data. However, in the case of PCs, it is quite more comfortable as these desktops don’t possess them along with your current GPS location. In case your IP address and GPS both identify you are from the US then probably are. While having an American IP and French, it displays that you are cracking up using a VPN service.

Amazon Prime keeps the blacklist of VPN servers which help them detect and catch the users that are cracking the content with the VPN services. This blocking is regarded as one of the most efficient streams blocking where thousands of Amazon Prime accounts are going to be used by the same IP address. However, it is to remind you that the IP blacklisting is not much resistant to the majorly used VPN service providers.

By blocking the heavy traffic coming from the specific and same ports open window to the grand instant of doubts to the Amazon Prime along with the reasons to block their streaming services upon detecting the VPN use. Most of the VPNs scramble up your data and try to mask it in the form of regular HTTP traffic, which in turn gives rise to ultimate troubles. These actions are quickly detected by Amazon Prime that results in fast blocking of VPN.

Deep packet inspection efficiently examines the VPN user’s internet traffic filtering it out based on predetermined terms which no doubt grabs Amazon Prime’s attention. However, a VPN with advanced cloaking technology can beat this hurdle.


The primary reason behind the free of cost VPNs always messing up with the Amazon Prime is that they do not bear enough money to bring in use for resisting the blockages and fighting the guts of Amazon Prime. With the bare minimum of the cost being spent most of the free VPNs are just offering you a free almost useless VPN while they make lesser money out of it by showing the advertisements.

Free VPNs are never going to be enough for supporting heavy streaming websites like Netflix and Amazon Prime Video. If you are looking for better and smooth streaming, you are recommended to use the paid versions of ExpressVPN, NordVPN, and CyberGhost, and these are supposedly the most compatible ones for Amazon Prime users. However, it is just a matter of being lucky if you get successful in streaming Amazon Prime with free VPN.

Safe to say that most of the service providers that managed to counter this banning issue due to which thousands of locals are enjoying all the streaming services watching different contents.

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