Cricket Mobile Data Not Working: 3 Ways To Fix

cricket mobile data not working
cricket mobile data not working

These days, there are more and more companies vying for space in the telecommunications and internet market. Of course, a little competition is always a good thing in that it will drive prices down and force companies to do a little more for their customers. 

That being said, there is always the downside in that it can make choosing which provider you’re going to go with more difficult. In this case, going with Cricket wasn’t a bad call at all. Seeing as the company was originally under the ownership of the telecommunications giant, AT&T, the similarities in the two are clear.

Basically, their connections work in exactly the same way. The speeds that you will get offered by AT&T will also be the same that you get for Cricket. After all, they are using the same equipment. There’s also a pretty wide range of packages to choose from, so you don’t have to pay for more than you need. 

That being said, we have noticed in recent times that there are more and more complaints about Cricket’s mobile data. Basically, it seems as though there are several of you who just can’t get it to work. Thankfully, this is generally pretty easy to fix. So, to help you out, we decided to put this little guide together.

Fixing Cricket Mobile Data Not Working

1. Make Sure You Have Sufficient Credit

Make Sure You Have Sufficient Credit

This may seem like it’s too obvious for some of you. So, if you are absolutely positive that you have credit in your account, you can skip this one and move onto the next. However, it is pretty easy to run out of data and credit without even noticing it. 

Naturally, once the funds are gone, there is no chance that you will still be able to use your data. By this same token, if you haven’t subscribed to a decent package that gives you a lot of data, it is possible that your data has just drained away. 

It can happen remarkably fast – especially if you’re in the habit of streaming or downloading content. To clarify where you stand, the only thing to do is to check your credit. 

To check your funds, you either can call up the service payment card number or just open up the company’s app. Once you’ve checked and your credit is at 0, you will then need to add a new card to remedy the issue. 

If we could impart a bit of advice here, we would suggest that you always make sure that the device that you’re using is always subscribed to a package. That way, you won’t get caught off guard again. 

Basically, your credit won’t drain away if you accidentally leave the data on your device on. Should you have had credit all along, the next fix should be what you’re looking for. 

2. Check the SIM Card

Check the SIM Card

Once you are sure you have credit, the next most common cause of this issue is that the SIM card may not be connecting to Cricket’s service properly. Basically, it could just be that the phone you are using has taken a knock recently and that the SIM is a little loose as a result.

The good thing is that this is super easy to check. All you will need to do is switch off the phone and then take out the SIM tray.

Once you have done that, all you need to do is put it back in again and make sure that the positioning is spot on. If you are having difficulty in getting the tray out, they can be a little trick. 

On some models of phone, the easiest way to do it is use a small pin to manipulate it. So, one you have made sure that the SIM is 100% in the right place, simply power up the phone again and everything should be working. 

3. Make Sure the Wi-Fi is Switched Off

Make Sure the Wi-Fi is Switched Off

There are quite a few of us that will keep the Wi-Fi option on our phones enabled at all times. However, this may not actually be that wise a decision. The thing about this is that the phone will not be able to use data if the Wi-Fi is enabled at all times. 

It overrides it. That being said, if you happen to currently be somewhere where you have access to a wireless network, the best course of action is to just connect to that and preserve your data for later. 

Though public wireless networks can have relatively weak signals, they are totally free to use – so, in most cases, the wireless option may be your best bet. Once you have figured that out and either switched on or off your Wi-Fi, you should notice that everything is working properly again. 

If not, the problem is most likely the fault of Cricket. In this case, there is nothing you can really do about it except for getting in touch with customer services and getting them to check for issues on their end.  

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